Proving Yourself: Gold Damage

Proving Yourself: Gold Damage

This was one of the more challenging things I’ve done in awhile, and what fun! After quite a few failed attempts – which usually had me frantically mashing buttons during the final seconds of the 10th wave – I finally managed to down the last Sha with barely a moment to spare. My ilvl 601 gear consisted of a few decent PvP items, a couple dungeon blues, and some quest gear. I used my standard BM build along with a cheap haste potion to get the job done.

After about 8 or 9 attempts that left me feeling a little inadequate, it finally occurred to me that the buffs that spawn during the encounter did not have to be used immediately.


If you’ve yet to attempt or complete this achievement, I’ll say it again…

Save the Berserker buffs for the last two rounds. Obviously there’s a bit of work involved in getting to waves 9 and 10, but you’ll have a heck of a time completing the event without the buffs in the last rounds. I accidentally blew the first buff in wave 8, and I was able to get past 9 without it, but my advice would be to use the first buff in 9. At this stage of the game, wave 10 without a buff would be extremely difficult – if not impossible – I would imagine.

The first few rounds involve more strategy and mechanics than anything, which makes for a really interesting and challenging scenario, but the last 3 rounds really put your button mashing to the test.

Rounds 1-7 you’re basically focusing on CC’ing, interrupting or burning down the healer(s), while keeping an eye out for the explosive Banshees that spawn. The Banshees are pretty squishy, so if you’re good on focus you can handle them with Multi-Shot AoE. If one pops when you’re low, then focus it until it dies.

The banana tossers are an annoyance, and I’d place them 3rd on the kill priority. As long as you’re on the move, they can’t affect you much, but they are a nuisance. Once the Banshees are neutralized and the Mystics are down, then I’d focus on the banana guy.

The Amber Weavers are actually quite an asset, so leave them for last. The amber spheres that they send at you are a great help when it comes to burning down mobs. If you can maneuver and position yourself so that one of those globules lands on a target, it makes your job much easier. Disengage works quite well when guiding those globes into place.

Apart from the Shas, none of the other mobs pose much of a problem, but those Shas . . . they are a pain – especially the last one . . . the big guy.

The first 7 waves test your raid utility and ability to put out some DPS. Wave 8 tests both on a higher level, with an emphasis on the DPS . . .  wave 9 even more so . . . then wave 10 is all-out beat-the-enrage-timer-boss-destruction. To successfully complete the last wave you must try to focus the Sha the entire time, only switching to focus the Banshees unless they are not going down fast enough with Multi-Shot. Even when his shield is up, you gotta throw the kitchen sink at him, then when his shield comes down, grab the buff and hit any and all cooldowns you have. That is a DPS race like nothing I’ve experienced in some time.

Needless to say…I won’t be conquering the endless one anytime soon. In my current gear I’m only good for about 4 rounds there, but I’ll be back for it at some point! First, I’ve got some heroic dungeons to pillage.

Anyway folks…my WoW battery is recharged and I am ready to go. I’ll try to go a bit more in-depth with my adventures as I progress through the expansion, but for now…I just want you to know I’m actively huntering again! That being said, I hope to be able to get things back on track around here. 🙂

If you’ve tackled or attempted this achievement, comment below and let me know how it went!

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