WoD is Exceeding Expectations


There’s no UI update or new posts around here because I can’t log off long enough to work on the site. Blizzard over-delivered with this expansion, IMHO.

I’ll try to get the UI comp packaged and uploaded with the week, however.

And if any of you haven’t seen this treasure mod yet, please give it a try. It kinda feels like cheating, but it’ll do the job if you’re having difficulty acquiring resources for your Garrison.

You guys enjoying Warlords of Draenor?

3 thoughts on “WoD is Exceeding Expectations”

  1. I must say that WoD is refreshing and they went in the right direction from when I last played. Looking forward to many forays into the wilds, and the dungeons.

  2. I’ve been having fun so far in WoD. I have not touched PvP as of yet, but Hunters seem in a good spot in PvE right now, at least in my experience. I can’t wait to try Exotic Munitions at 100.

  3. Glad to see you’re enjoying WoD, couldn’t agree more, great expansion!! Can’t wait for the UI update, I’ve been using a version of yours now for nearly three years.


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