Gar UI Compilation Update

…is on its way!

Expansions are usually a time to vet addons since they often determine who’s keeping a project alive and who is not. A few of my core addons went stale, so I had to make a few changes, but I’ve got things just about situated and error-free.

Right before the opening of the portal I switched back to the default UI for a few days just to determine what I felt was essential, and yeesh…my hat’s off to those who rock that thing. I used to use it back in the day, but man…I can’t stand using it now. >_<

The most notable addon replacement was AZCastBar. I dumped that abandoned project in favor of Gnosis. Chatter also looks to be abandoned, so I went back to Prat for my chat mod.

Sadly, Capping looks to be retired as well, so I removed it, but I discovered this while looking at different PvP addons. The fact that this addon exists makes me feel so sorry for healers. :*(

I’ll have a much more complete post about all of this on the way, along with a repackaged and updated zip on WoWInterface, which I will hopefully get to later today or tomorrow. Hard part is logging off long enough to get to it!

This expansion has reignited my interest in the game crazy-style. I haven’t been this sucked in since Vanilla. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s definitely fun!

2 thoughts on “Gar UI Compilation Update”

  1. When you do post it, can I ask a favor…?

    Can we have:
    – your up to date keybinds, and;
    – what you’ve placed on what bars?

    Changes in WoD potentially have a significant affect on these.

    I’d also appreciate a quick summary as to what you’re actually doing with each addon, especially if you’re doing anything especially unusual with it.

    Though I don’t presume to speak for the Hunter community, I really do appreciate the effort you put into this site and the UI.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Trib, and yes…I’ll try to offer a more in-depth look at the current addons, etc. My keybinds haven’t changed too much. I mainly just have some empty slots now. I did move Multi-Shot to #6 and I made #1 my targeting macro. #9 I have set to Focus-Fire. Those are the only notable changes. At the start of WoD I tried to optimize my keybinds more for DPS rotation, but old habits die hard. >_ Reply

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