Q & A: My Key Bindings

First off, if you’ve sent me an email that I never replied to, please do not take offense. I receive a decent amount of email now and again – mostly pertaining to my UI – and it gets very difficult for me to devote time to detailed responses, especially when things are crazy around here. I wish I could respond to each and every one of you, but unfortunately my role as WoW blogger has dropped a few rungs in terms of priority and importance in my life.

However, once in awhile someone catches me during a good time where I’m able to provide a thorough reply. The following was an answer to a question sent in by David, in which he asked how I configured my UI and keybinds – most importantly, how I use my action bars. Those of you who’ve seen my UI know that most of my abilities are hidden from view, so David wanted to know where I stuck my skills and how I clicked on them, or if I had everything bound.

Before we continue, here’s a look at how I have my UI configured. (additional images can be seen here)

Gar Hunter UI Updated for Patch 5.4
Click to enlargify

In the image you only see 2 action bars, plus a tiny 4-slotter which has my traps. All others bars are hidden; however, I do set them to display in the very rare case that I am dabbling with an alt (i.e., lesser class). If you’re thinking of going to a setup like mine, it’s a good idea to have all of your abilities viewable on screen until you get the hangs of things. I have all of my skills committed to memory so I like to hide everything, with nothing showing but mainly the cooldowns I want to monitor.

Some of you may benefit from this response as well, so I figured I’d share it with everyone!

Hi David, I use keybinds for everything. I like to use the mouse solely for movement, so I have all skills assigned to keys.

The way I have my UI set up is this:

The first action bar shows actual abilities that are assigned to the keys 1 through =, so Scatter Shot I have bound to 1, Arcane Shot to 5, Intimidation to =, etc… That’s a very old habit that I just can’t change, so I stopped fighting it. 😉 When I first started playing WoW, I naturally assigned my attacks to the default keys and that just works for me.

The second bar shows important cooldowns, but those keybinds are all over the place – the bar is just there for reference.

The third mini-bar with the traps is also there solely to monitor cooldowns.

All other bars are set to be hidden, apart from the one I have set to display on hover for misc non-combat odds and ends. That’s more of a convenience thing for swapping pets or having easily clickable quest item on-use stuff, etc.

My keybinds would be considered unorthodox by most, because I’m all over the place. I’m not a touch typist, so some of my keys do require a quick bit of eye-hand, but I’m pretty efficient with it. My oft-used skills I can control without my eyes leaving the screen, but some abilities require a quick glance.

I also place some critical abilities in odd places so that it lessens the likelihood of a mistake. Example: Deterrence is bound to / so I must be very deliberate when I want to use it. Same with Rapid Fire – I have that bound to \.

You may look at this list and go wtf..?! But I say go with whatever works for you, and maybe a few of these keybinds will make sense or at least get you thinking, so here goes…

  • ` – Master’s Call
  • 1 – Scatter Shot
  • 2 – Glaive Toss
  • 3 – Counter Shot
  • 4 – Concussive Shot
  • 5 – Arcane Shot
  • 6 – Serpent Sting
  • 7 – Kill Command
  • 8 – Cobra Shot
  • 9 – Widow Venom
  • 0 – HM / Target Macro
  • – – Big Red
  • = – Initimidation
  • f1 – Deterrence
  • f2 –  Flare
  • f3 – Hunter’s Mark
  • f4 – Distracting Shot
  • f5 – Tranq Shot macro
  • f6 – Multi-Shot
  • f7 – Trap Launcher
  • f8 – Freezing Trap
  • f9 – Frost Trap
  • f10 – Explosive Trap
  • f11 – Snake Trap
  • f12 – Stampede
  • w – Pet Attack macro
  • a – Pet Care macro
  • s – Pet Passive macro (shift+s = Pet Dismiss)
  • v  -Pet Sentry macro
  • d – Feign Death
  • y – Kill Shot
  • u – Misdirection
  • i – Camouflage
  • g – Assist
  • h – PvP Trinket
  • j – Burst Trinket
  • k – Bandage
  • ,  – AotH
  • . –  Tame Beast + Deterrence macro
  • / – Deterrence
  • [ – Battle Standard
  • ] – Scare Beast
  • \ – Rapid Fire
  • r – Racial (Shadowmeld in my case)
  • x – GoGoMount
  • z – autorun
  • shift + mouse scroll up = switch to PvP gear
  • shift + mouse scroll down = fishing macro

So there ya have it! 😀

Have a great rest of your weekend!

One thing I forgot to mention in my response was that I’ve reassigned all of the default UI functions so that they have a modifier key, for example, I use Shift or Alt + m, b, c, etc…to open up the various UI windows. A few years ago I finally grew tired of an ill-timed accidental opening of the character pane while I was in an arena – or worse yet, a large world map. Nothing worse than thinking you have a chat window open, pressing M, then having your screen eclipsed my a world map. So, I suggest adding modifiers to certain UI windows so that they don’t get accidentally triggered.

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