Cleaning house

Some of you may be happy to know that I’ve returned my attention to the site and I’m busy in the backend cleaning up spam comments and making general updates & improvements. 😀

Unfortunately, the spam tends to accrue when I’ve gone absent for months at a time, so surgically removing the bogus comments amongst the legitimate ones is tedious job, albeit a labor of love. Even though I may turn my back on the Lodge now and again as my life dictates me to do so, this site is still my baby. I’ve spent many, many hours in here and I’m not about to let the place get trashed!

SPAM Comments
At least not ALL of the spam is getting past the gatekeeper.

Especially right now as I’m preparing for Warlords! 😀

The comments are clean now, so onto the forum… Wish me luck! I may be in there for awhile. Looks like some spammers had a field day in there while I was away. :-\

Also, if you happen to notice the site start looking a little wonky, know that I’m updating the theme framework. I’m going to try and get this beast responsive and mobile-friendly – including the forum.


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    • One thing though, the links being #FFF is harder to distinguish with #D1CDC1 text in the posts (on my monitor anyway) – though maybe I’m just being too meticulous.


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