23 thoughts on “More Stable Slots With Patch 3.2.2!”

  1. As dual spec BM for PvE and BM for PvP, I knew exactly what the post meant.

    That sucks Gar, I know how fond you were of that worm. Your posts on the subject even inspired me to give one a go, with pretty favorable results.

    I don’t think I could give up my flying purple people eater though. Isn’t this the second time you’ve abandoned poor Nuramoc? heh.

    • Yes Doli…

      That is the 2nd time Nuramoc’s been set free… I can always go get him again if need be. Heck, I just re-tamed Crusty for the 3rd time. 😉

      I doubt I will though at least until Cataclysm. I think the only thing BM has to look forward to before the expansion is crit inheritance for pets. While that’ll be a nice PvE buff, it still won’t be enough to save the spec for PvP I don’t think.

      and yes… I do miss my worm. 🙁 We were quite the team.

  2. ROFL! I realized about 10 minutes after I posted that I didn’t see anythig about pet slots in the patch notes, how did I miss this? All I remember was Gar writing about abandoning his 2 PvP pets…and then the post about 2 pet slots….and then…oooohhhh boy I think I’ve just been punk’d!

    How embarassing that my first post on this site was one that shows I didn’t get the joke. Ugh!

    Move along, nothing to see here…move along.

  3. Heya Gar,
    I noticed you obvious like HEAVY METAL.How could I tell…well look at your pets name … SEPULTURA.Now were you listening to Morbid Visions or Beastial Devistation. hehe.Yes I know my old school metal.Maybe I’ll join you on your server and we could talk great lenghts of HEAVY METAL and Hunterology(You teach,I listen):P It was just a thought.Sorry about going offtopic 🙁

    • Hey Raybeez,

      I necro’d your comment because it dawned on me I never replied to it. I do try and reply to just about every comment on here, provided it has a question or two in it.

      Having said that, if any of you reading this have comments or questions which have gone unanswered, don’t take it personal. Sometimes a few fall through the cracks now and again, even though I try my hardest to not let that happen.

      I love SEPULTURA. I don’t listen to them much anymore, but there was a period in my life where they were one of my all-time favorite bands. I’ve seen them live at least three times (that I can recall), including a show way back in 1992 when they played a small club near Santa Barbara while on the Arise tour (which also happens to be my favorite album of theirs). Max crowd surfed on me. 🙂

      A few years later I met Andreas Kisser at a convention and talked with him for a bit. He invited me over to the table where he and Dana (Max’s brother-in-law R.I.P.) were seated, because he noticed me wearing an Arise T-Shirt. The language barrier (he speaks Portugese) made things a bit difficult, but he was a very nice guy and quite humble. I was pretty bummed when Max and the rest of the band went their separate ways.

      Anyhow, I thought Sepultura was an appropriate name for such an exotic looking pet. Plus, it means grave in Portugese, which is where he sent a lot of players back in the glory days. 😉

      Give me a shout if you ever find yourself on Kul Tiras.

  4. Oh and for those of you who have tried so hard but could never manage to Find Loque’nahak due to other hunters camping days on end or through mages accidentally AoE’ing it while mass-farm gorillas, here is a useful trick:

    Go to you local pet store, spend a couple of thousand on a White ‘Ojos Azules’ breed cat, these cats are unique for a bright blue eyed inheritence (for those who can’t afford such luxury, buy an albino cat, usually they are born blind anyway so they wont mind if u paint their eyes with a ‘Horizon Blue’ – dulux paint code #7575)

    The rest basically a coulouring book from there on, so get your greys, blacks and blues (have a bit of fun, try different spot styles variant from your usual trademark ‘swirl’ designs common to loque’nahak)

    can be a bit messy if you have ever tried giving your cat a bath, it tends to wriggle a bit, so you might want to sedate, not a lethal dose seeing you can’t Revive this one – it or lock it in with vice clamps.

    Last of all, that rabid-frosty mouth look – unfortunately i cant disclose how to do thise under Animal Protection Laws, so to be less abrasive on the matter, i’d try feeding the cat lots of Blue Candy Drops. (note: sugar effect increases ‘Dash’ by 20% and Claw & Rake but 40%).

    And there you go, your very own Spirit Beast! Take it around with your friends, parade it on the corner of your local town square and /dance.

  5. @ Aoirselvar

    My stable is filled with: Loque’nahak, King Krush, Wolf, Crab and Skoll. The only reason i have these pets is because: A. Theyre really really riduclously good-looking/hard to tame. B. Theyre a utility to a particular PVE/PVP spec.

    Sure, i used to raid with the rare winterspring tiger for years, even through level 70. But as soon as i went to Scholozaar Basin, it was like Pet-Fashion week in Milan. Rak’shiri looked like an overweight has-been of a cat compared to the sleek, frosty Loque’nahak.

    If i didnt have to abandon my cat so quick to tame loque, i’d have enjoyed giving it the same fate as all my other pets who dont pull their weight in the performance/looks dept, and thats:

    1. Leaving it to run away unhappy while u afk lotsnlots

    2. Setting it loose on players in stormwind AH (refer to old WoW before they patched that, so much fun)

    3. Go to Dalaran, /cast eyes of the beast, jump it off to its death. Tip: use track humanoid for this, try and find a farmer down below in crystalsong forest, get some hunter friends to attempt this with you, best way is via sewer outlet. Trick the person below into thinking its Christmas and actually is raining dead kittens! Revive and Repeat, this will piss ur pet off and then (see 1.)

    4. Enter your pet into the Molten Core Swim Team

    You see? there are many ways you can celebrate your pets newfound redundancy. And dont worry, your pet won’t feel a thing…except for my Pink Tallstrider, it cried so much everytime it died while tried forcing it to tank Anub’arak, so i abandoned that one too.

    Happy Hunting – Typh

    • Sorry Bob,

      My attention grabbing title was merely sarcasm. What I meant by it was… since Blizz has landed the death blow to Beast Mastery’s viability in PvP, I won’t be needing my exotic PvP pets, hence the extra 2 stable slots I now have.

      Sorry about the confusion.

  6. Beast Mastery isn’t totally dead in PvE yet don’t give up hope!

    Normally I raid ToC but our raid comp was alittle weak for hard mode twins so we went to Ulduar for Fragments so I decided to play with BM and see some first hand results… 7,619 dps done on Assembly of Iron Hardmode placed 4 in the raid (granted it’s Ulduar and people just don’t try as hard in my guild anymore plus we had like 5 substitutes) but I was surprised with the results.


  7. yea, i too am trying to figure what this has to do with the price of rice in China. When I saw this on the homepage I logged back into the game thinking I missed something and need to buy 2 more slots.

    • @ Seaborn

      Haha, sorry about that. Since this patch destroyed BM’s usefulness in PvP, I abandoned my 2 exotic PvP pets, granting me two extra stable slots.

      The title was supposed to be an attention getter, but I apologize if it confused some folks. Players unaffected by the change to PvP probably didn’t catch what I meant by it. 😉


  8. @ Bozanimal

    Back before this patch destroyed Beast Mastery for PvP, worms were fantastic for BGs. Acid Spit’s 20% armor reduction makes plate a lot easier to contend with, plus they have charge, Blood of the Rhino, Intervene, Roar of Sacrifice, and… are nearly impossible to take down.

    I’m gonna miss him… 🙁

    Chimaera was my first choice for arena, but for BGs I used a worm most of the time.

  9. Aoirselvar there is an odd moment when you realize you do have some feelings for these digital creatures. But considering how much time we spend with them and so many memorable moments in game you do form a bond. Especially when they save you from certain death.

    Inadvertedly we’ve embraced the true character of the hunter class, curse you Blizzard for making me feel “feelings”.

  10. TWO? Give me strength! It’s not like you can change you’re pet in battle and a 30 min CD for the mobile stable is far from having some advantage in raids, BG’s etc. ‘And’ why not allow a new stable set for dual, like we all get for talents/glyphs? Given that I’ve got the 3 spirit rares, it leaves little room for pet selection. Ah, well perhaps they’d do away with pets altogether :'(

    @Aoirselvar. 100% with you on finding a nice resting spot. I hate the way the just fade, they should run off into the wild, better still long term old pets should earn the right to be non-combatant companions 😀
    Oooh how about a new talent ‘hunters call’ or ‘animal magic’ where all you pets appear for 20 secs and pound you enemies into the dust. OK, too much funny juice. Goodnight one and all.

  11. I hate abandoning pets. Very sad thing to do if you ask me. Its my opinion that if you don’t care about doing that then you probably should roll another class, you don’t have the heart to roll a hunter.
    Mind you, sometimes a pet has to let free, for instance, I need to let my gorilla go soon, he’s been replaced by the turtle, I only keep him for sentimental purposes. I’ll just have to find a good place to release him, where there are plenty of bananas or something.

  12. @ Thromanan

    I apologize for the underdeveloped post. It was late.

    Simply put, 3.2.2 brought an end to Beast Mastery’s viability in PvP. Since I won’t be PvP’ing as BM anymore, I no longer have a need for a Chimaera or worm. 🙁

    @ Roar

    I’m definitely considering speccing Dual MM. You’re right too, there are some cool new pet choices available to me again. Time to go out and do some taming!

    @ Dalaila

    Grats on the helm. I need to get in there for sure.

  13. Just got the 10man Onyxia helm piece. Ncie stats (better than iLevel 226 Tier one)… but it looks *HORRIBLE* damn. At least I can hide it.

    We got a stealth nerf/fix to Kill Shot. No more “zero range” sadly. But it was a bug, not a feature.

  14. He’s going marksmanship!!!! MM FTW!! Its okay gar, there are some cool looking regular pets out there that will make you the super ubber 1337 master pew pew monster dpser machine!!! jk. 😛


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