Patch Day

Beast Mastery Nerf

This about sums up how I felt after participating in one WSG and one Wintergrasp battle as a BM Hunter.

The reality of the change was about what I’d expected, but I was still holding out hope that maybe it actually wouldn’t be quite as bad as I’d previously thought. Sadly, It was as predicted… a complete neutering of the Beast Mastery spec as far as PvP is concerned.

I had a terrible time in Warsong Gulch. Where normally I’d be tearing classes to bits while in big red, I was having difficulty finishing anyone off, even cloth. Having only ten seconds to maintain pressure is just not enough as far as BM goes.

In addition to that, I used to be a pretty decent flag runner, but now… forget it. The CC immunity nerf from 18 seconds to 10 is actually the worst part about it. Losing our burst capabilities is a huge disappointment, but where the spec really suffers is from the reduced effect of the immunity. After 10 seconds we got nothin’.

I really hope Blizzard is pleased with that 2% overall DPS buff they gave to the legions of Raiding BM Hunters out there. 😑

As indicated in my previous post, one of my first reactions to this crime was to abandon my 2 exotic PvP pets, as I’ll no longer be needing their services. I’m definitely planning on going either MM or SV for PvP. As for raiding… I’m not sure. I really want to remain a MM, but then that would mean having 2 exotic pets I can’t bare to part with left rotting in the stable; those being King Krush and Loque’nahak.

For the first time possibly ever, I’m thinking of avoiding Beast Mastery altogether until it hopefully gets fixed in a future patch. That’s a bummer for me, since it’s arguably my favorite of the Hunters specs, but it’s come to a point where it’s just not that much fun for me to play anymore.


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  1. Sweet, appreciate it Garwulf. That video someone linked above of that SV Hunter toying with Hordies got me excited about playing as an SV Hunter.

  2. @ Perceuss

    I am dual SV specced at the moment, and liking it a lot.

    BGs were enjoyable again and my DPS has seen some gains as a result of going SV instead of MM. I’ll try to have some tips and suggestions tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

  3. Appreciate any help you can give Garwulf thanks to this site I fell in love with being a hunter and a BM hunter at that. I am sure I’ll learn just as much about another spec “master” it per say and be happy with my plain Jane pet…

  4. Crusty!

    I thought about nabbing him again, but I grabbed a Ravager instead. I’m also stalking Aotona at the moment.

    I’m cooking up some post ideas that may help you out, as far as the MM vs SV thing goes. I’m in the same boat.

    I think for BGs they’re both great, but SV is going to edge out MM for arena. The main problem with MM is that it requires you to setup for your huge burst, ie: Hunter’s Mark & Serpent Sting, thus forcing a couple of extra GCDs.

    I’ve just respecced SV for PvE, and am considering MM for PvP. I don’t have any immediate plans for arena, so I’m thinking MM will be jolly good fun in the BGs.

    I just love the disarm… so funny to pull that on Rets after they’ve blown their wings. πŸ˜‰

  5. Well I am specc’d SV for PvP and MM for PvP to see which I like better….oh and I got a rare crab….it’s red…oh joy a red crab…..

  6. I try and keep the fatih Gar but I mean come on this nerf is ridiculous man…they talk about how Hunters are the least represented class in Arena’s and then continue to do things to keep it that way while telling us they are going to make changes to fix that. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play a SV PvP spec….I don’t get it….Gar maybe when you figure out you’re PvP spec share it with the retired BM hunters and maybe put up a tutorial with it.

  7. I think the only way to do it now is to cast BW as soon as he is about to fear (watch the cast bar above his portrait) so the next one will be cast in 8.5 seconds, BW should cover that one. With random gear your haste should already have the tame down to 14 seconds, so chug a haste pot/food and you should be able to just get him. Might take a few tries though.

  8. I just wanted to let you know about one of the smaller nerfs to BM hunters. Krush is no longer a solo tame! I had all my gear / items / macros set out to tame this lovely dino after having experienced the joy of taming Loque and Aotona. 10 seconds on Bestial Wrath is NOT enough to last through til the end of a hasted Tame Beast without getting feared. I’m not quite sure what else I can do for a solo tame besides hiring a priest to follow me for hours. Someone finally came and killed him after him patrolling for 45 minutes. Good luck everyone and if anyone finds a good way to solo tame him now, let the hunter community know!

    -Sad BM Hunter

  9. Endless ammo set for new expansion, cant remember it being promised earlier. Although the Blue Post on Blizz using Hunter/Pet haste scaling seems to have been shredded to hide evidence of Blizz’s claims.

    Will fun to customise the look of pets around that time too, but im looking forward to seeing how Guild-Leveling works with Guild Talent Trees.

  10. Endless ammo, energy instead of mana, choose your pet talent tree, maybe more pet abilities, idk if its right to break a class and promise its fixed even better in a future expansion.

    Im buying Cataclysm, just put the gun down Blizzard and stop pointing it at my hunter.

    Feels weird to be more in anticipation of a new game, not for its new content, but for its solutions to previous mistakes.

  11. @ Perceuss

    Enjoy your Lock, but don’t give up hope my man. BM probably won’t be completely fixed until Cataclysm (at least I hope they fix it in the expansion…), but I do believe they will undo some of this injustice, as well as add the pet stat scaling by year’s end.

    Of course, this is me trying to be optimistic. πŸ™‚

  12. Hmm, maybe there is hope:

    Quote from Blizzcon Day 2 Q&A panel:

    “Classes – Pets

    * In Patch 3.3, pets will scale of all of your stats and allow buffs from raid encounters to affect them.
    * In Patch 3.3, there will be changes to make sure that pets can’t be hit by AOEs from bosses but others (PvP) will be able to affect them.
    * Pets classes might get a “move to this location” command for their pet, long cooldown abilities that let your pet teleport to you to get out of trouble. This would be good feature since developers can’t make pet AI as smart as a player. “

  13. Yeah, im in the same situation, Been BM since vanilla MC raids, now its breaking my heart to see i’m only doing 5k dps stable compared to 7k SV&MM hunters in HTOC25.

    I want to see the end content of this expansion pretty quick, and it seems to me BM spec is the price for it.

    BM was the hardest thing to give up in the game, and i can understand others frustration about it. It was a choice of being one of the best at a mediocre spec or being just an average MM/SV end-raider.

    I was originally aware of the DPS difference to MM&SV compared to BM pre-3.2.2, but i kept to it, thinking maybe its just one of those seasons where a tree is always more OP than the other, so keep to BM so ill be in prime position when it becomes the flavour again.

    Now i think they should just delete BM and put us out of our miseries so we dont have a greyed-out tree too look at that reminds us of how fun playing a hunter used to be.

    ..ill miss my Loquey lol

  14. Deeepresssinnnnggg…..

    I’ve been BM for, what….. 4 years now I guess. I don’t think I will have the heart to get rid of the spec for good, but it IS going to change to surv or mm for arena with my fereal druid pal.


  15. Perhaps GC hates hunters because we make them have to work more. So many patches or added material to the game glitches because beasts and taming (size, effects, behavior, sound) Any animal they create would have to have all that info created for it. Cripple BM on its effectiveness in pvp, Enhance the other dps classes so that hunters last on group lists, and wait for the hunter population to lessen. They could nerf us to extinction.

  16. Gar,

    I feel your pain. But do not lose the hope. MM spec for PvP is amazingly fun and full of tricks, much more than BM and SV. BM was a kind of “IWIN” button maybe. MM is made of nice tricks and can be a LOT of fun. I am loving it and BG’s are fantastic in my opinion.

    This is my spec:

    And these are my glyphs:

    Chimera Shot
    Aimed Shot

    Give it a try. I dual MM and I have to say I just love it.

    ### EDIT ###

    I am currently using a Wolf (lazy) but I feel it would be much better a Hyena. Fun + good ability.

  17. So, another aspect of this bull is that I tried to run a guildy through brd today. Pretty sucktastic in my opinion. Hunters soloing old content=done for i’m thinking.

    With the upcoming hunter changes blizz is making, pvp healing on my shaman has literally become the highlight of my life. Now if only I could convince the millions of ret pallies on my server to defend their healers… πŸ˜€

  18. I don’t do Arena so it’s not so much of an issue for me, but I am still pi**ed at the change for those that do, and for things like I mentioned before (solo taming King Krush)

    I know GC hates hunters, but it seriously has to come to a head soon and he just admits that despite his best efforts, people WANT to play as a hunter (not just for Spirit Beasts) and not a Rogue or Death Knight.


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