Beast Mastery Hunter with gorilla in Stratholme = Devastation

Baron Rivendare RunsLast night I decided to see if I could rock the timer in Strat with my gorilladin. Before the patch I could reach Baron in just over 40 minutes. After 3.0.2, I can cut that almost in half if I don’t stop to loot the trash mobs. Not to mention, it’s a lot more fun now. I downed him in 24 minutes last night, but I think that 20 minutes is doable if I run it flawlessly.

I must say, using a gorilla in there is damn good fun. I was able to pull 3-4 groups of trash and utterly destroy them with Thunderstomp and Volley. With the drop rate on Deathcharger’s Reigns reportedly reduced to 1/100, I foresee myself making this a weekly run. It’s no Fiery Warhorse’s Reigns, but it’d still be nice to have.

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