Strength and Honor

Orc Beast Mastery Hunter alt

Guess who this is..?

No idea..?

It’s my first ever Horde alt.

I’ve often flirted with the idea of rolling a Horde character, but with so much time invested in the Alliance side of things, I’d always talked myself out of it. Well this time I’m doing it. The cinematic preview of Cataclysm at BlizzCon 2009 made me think I’d better get on it if I ever want to experience the Horde side of things, at least before everything’s tampered with.

I made an Orc Hunter because, well… I’ve wanted one for a long, long time. Rogue was actually my first choice for an alt, but that’s what my Worgen’s going to be. I have a Death Knight and Druid that are maybe half a dozen dings from 80, and beyond that the only other classes that really interest me are Warrior and Paladin. I have a 41 Human Warrior that I’ll level one day… maybe, and I wasn’t really thrilled at the notion of a BE Pally.

I kicked around the idea of making an Orc Shaman, but that nah… this may be my only Horde toon so I’m going to do what I want.

Orc Beast Mastery Hunter Supreme.

Orc racials are perfect for Beast Mastery. Command and Blood Fury (322 AP at level 80) are just too good. I like their bow animation too. It’s maybe not quite as cool as the Troll’s, but it’s still pretty sweet.

I created him on a PvP realm because I’ve always wanted to experience leveling and game play on a PvP server. So far I haven’t encountered any hostiles, but only friendly players. In fact, I already made a buddy. 😀 I grouped with a Shaman so that we could help each other collect Intact Makrura Eyes, Crawler Mucus, Durotar Tiger Fur, kill Zalazane and his evil minions, and foil the Kolkar assault on the Horde. When my new Shaman buddy found out that my character was a lone reroll on a new server, he promptly sported me 10G. I thought that was pretty cool. You Horde folk are actually a pretty nice lot. 😉

One thing that has me giddy about playing this new toon is the fact that I’ll have 5 more stable slots! I don’t really intend to power through the levels on this guy, but if I do ever hit at 80 at some point you can bet I’ll be going after Skoll. That’s a long way off though, so for starters I think I’ll go with one pet I’ve not tamed before… at least, I don’t think I have. That would be Mazzranache. What better pet than a pink flamingo for a fledgling Orc Hunter..?

So far I’ve had a blast playing this toon. I’m only eight levels in, but it’s been fun seeing things from the other side. I look forward to experiencing more Horde lore, and most of all, encountering my Alliance brethren on the field of battle once I hit 80. Mwahahahahahaha… *orcish laugh* I rolled on a PvP server within my battlegroup thinking that maybe I’ll encounter a few Kul Tiras familiars now and again.

By the way, is it just me or does it sound as if Christian Bale did his Batman voice for the Orc male emotes..?

14 thoughts on “Strength and Honor”

    • @ Uchikoma

      So far it’s been great for me. One guy floated me 10G without me asking him for anything.

      Nearly every Priest or Druid I’ve encountered while out questing has buffed me or tossed a heal or two my way.

      I had a great 4 man group for RFC tonight, in which my tallstrider was the MT. It was a hell of a lot more fun than emblem farming and the daily ToC run.

      I’m not sure I ever want to go back to playing Alliance…


      Yeah right!

      It has been a fun diversion though.

  1. Welcome to the winning side, that of Orc Beast Mastery goodness. 😉 The world needs more non-elf hunters. Freaking elves.

    Rades – Orc 80 Hunter – Drenden

  2. hi! I was just reading this and I just started laughing becuase when I was reading what your wrote I had almost the exact same thoughts just recently. I have always had an Alliance Hunter and when I seen what the new exp was bringing I decided that I should check out the horde side of things.

    Yep, Beast mastery Orc hunter and on a PVP server!

    Anyways take care and I wish you the best of luck!

  3. I know, funny isn’t it? I have an 80 night elf hunter, and one day decided to make a Horde alt myself. I didn’t get far into the character when I made a friend, and when he found out I was new to the server, he gave me 100g! When I was leveling my night elf I got naughta.

    That aside, I really hope you have a lot of fun on your orc! Good luck.

  4. @ drack

    Ganking is the greatest single aspect of wow. You get camped by an alli jerk, you write his name down on a sticky pad with veangance in your heart, and then at lvl 80 you see him farming mats in say…. sb and you SHOW HIM HOW THE HORDE GET DOWN!! 😛

  5. HA! I did the same thing a week or 2 back. Orc Hunter. I figured the same. If I want to see the Horde side, better do it now. Also, up until now, no Alliance and Horde on same PVP server, but now that you can, I can keep my toons on the same server.

    Who knows, maybe when I hit 80, I’ll be all in with the “FOR THE HORDE!”

  6. My first 60 in the old days was a human warrior, but I have to say once I switched to Horde there was no going back. What can I say but, /Cheer

    Welcome to the Horde!

  7. OMG DUDE!!! You need to roll Chromaggus!!!!! We are in the same battle group, you can join my guild, and we can give you all the goodies you would ever want. We even have a guy lvling in the low 20’s you could roll with thru quests. Hell, I’ll make a new toon! Pleeeease go Chromaggus. *crosses fingers* ^___^

  8. Hehe I’m a Horde myself and I just love it. Blood Elf hunter. We got a cool napoleon Dynamite dance, we crack some good “we are soo hot” jokes 😛 /silly . BE look good on everything they wear and their Quel’thalas/Sunwell background is very sad and touching. But hey im glad your experiencing what Horde is. Its awesome! I refrain to make an alt/ally just because my hunter is my main and I always try to focus only on him. But if I ever did go alliance just to have a good experience and see Elwin forest and quest there. Id def pick a lil gnome 😛 They are just the coolest.

    Good luck come visit Silvermoon City!


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