Knight of Arathor

Knight of Arathor

I was hoping for a very heroic portrait of me solo defending the stables versus three attackers, but alas that didn’t happen. Along with “Knight of Arathor”, I was also earning the “Dirt Nap” achievement. 😉

Let’s face it… most of the achievements are pretty ridiculous. Yet, it’s always a fun surprise when that familiar sound plays, along with the pop-up graphic signaling that you’ve just accomplished some in-game feat.

Last night I finally became exalted with the League of Arathor after about 3 1/2 years of casual battleground play. Alright, well “casual-hardcore” battleground play. To me, this reputation gain was probably one of the most rewarding achievements I’ve earned to date.

Why, you ask..? well, because now I’m among the elite ranks who get to sport this coveted garment.

Arathor Battle Tabard Quest Turn-In

I’m just a savage Beast Mastery type of Hunter so I don’t bother with maths too much, but I’d imagine this tabard has got to be one of the most difficult ones to obtain. Apart from The Battle For Arathi Basin quest which gives you 500 rep, it requires 41.5K of reputation to earn exalted with this elitist club. Since reputation is granted on a 10 rep per 100 resources controlled ratio, there’s a lot of capping that needs to be done before exalted. 😯

You basically need 415,000 worth of resources controlled throughout your AB tenure in order to reach exalted. That equals approximately 208 victories within the old system, or 260 with the new. Because the games go quicker now, I’d be willing to bet the rep grind may be faster even though there’s less rep to be earned per game.

Since achievements and statistics have begun, my win % in AB is 51.2%. So as you can see, it’s going to take a lot more than 260 games to get it done. Now factor in how long some of these games can take. Next, how many Arathi Basins can one handle in a week’s time..?

Ok, well I do some rudimentary maths. Anyway, you see where I’m going here hopefully. Exalted with The League of Arathor snobs is hard work. 😉

Arathi Basin Tabard

I suppose one thing that made this grind a little easier for me is I’m one of those strange people who really likes Arathi Basin. Warsong Gulch is arguably my favorite BG, but AB comes in a very close second. I think the AB battlezone is one of the most scenic zones in the game and I like the varying terrain.

Well… now onto Justicar. Look out Warsong Gulch! 😉

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  1. FINALLY GOT IT!!!!!!!!!

    I hit exalted that night flew to get the quest and figure why not try a random get my daily done and head off to bed? Sure enough AB pops up. The majority of the game we had a capper we couldn’t get the farm but we kept pushing. Finally I decided to just focus on grabbing the flag watching anxiously as the timer was winding down….this is it I am going to get it!!!! I kid you not the timer got to 0.1 and a rouge did his knives fan and interrupted it….my heart broke how many times it had come down to a tenth of a second and failed…..I went back to thinking about the day I tried solo taming Krush. My buddy even saw him start to turn like he was mine said he was waiting for the ding….but I died instead….now here I was with the same fate….I pushed through and kept grabbing the flag this was it i would NOT be denied!….we were at 1400 resources i was running out of time….and then it happened….I got the flag! I was so overcome with joy…but it faded quickly no sooner than I had taken the flag…did the Horde take the mine…No it was ending like this I wouldn’t allow this me and my pally buddy darted off to the mine destroyed the 3 Horde and I defended the mine and completed my quest with just 20 resources left to win…..maybe things had changed….my the tides were starting to turn my way…maybe…I pondered for a moment in my new tabard….I hearthed and ran to the flight master in Dalaran…where to? Sholazar Basin…I have an old friend to find.


      Way to go Perceuss, and great story by the way. 🙂 I bet your pulse was racing a little. 😉

      I hope this good fortune keeps smiling upon you and you finally get your big green dino.

      Keep me posted.

  2. Hey garwulf, gratz on the tabard! I have a question about pvp/xp in this new patch and maybe your the one to answer it. I just opened a cozy spot in my stable and tamed me the hound from hellfire ramparts. The only leveling he gets though is through my argent dailies. Now seen as we get xp through BG’s now, wouldnt my pet gain xp even though I dont? Thanx, and great website BTW I check it everyday for new huntery goodness. 🙂

    • I tried my hand at leveling in the BGs with my lvl 74 DK last night. I know my rested XP and BoA shoulders sped things up a bit, but let me tell you… it is very fast. I highly recommend leveling alts in BGs if PvP is your thing. I tried 3 AVs, with 2 wins and 1 loss. I earned about 5 bars in that time.

      Now as far as pet leveling in BGs goes… I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. A lot of the experience comes from objectives, which I doubt will translate to the pet. You do get some XP from killing mobs and other players, but it’s fairly low. I’d recommend trying a game or two and just noting your pet’s experience gains.

      I was killing the Kobolds in the mine and depending upon how far away my teammates were, seems like I only got about 6xp-24xp per kill.

      They really need to make a BoA pet collar with 10% added xp gains for pets Imo.


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