7 thoughts on “It Only Took Me Three and a Half Years”

  1. Gar, the new ranged weapons are sick. My goal right now is the True-aim Long Rifle from Heroic Trial of the Champion until I can get a 25 man in. So no, I have not yet had the opportunity to participate in a 25 Naxx or Ulduar run yet. Again, end of the month I’ll be able to when I actually have some time off from our hectic pre-deployment training calendar. From the new gear, the most ridiculous. If I ever see a BRK-1000 I’ll be giddy but I’m not expecting too. I have to get Ulduar-geared and we (the guild) have to get up there first. I’m hopeful, but not too hopeful.:) See you in game!

  2. Thanks Dracky!

    The new tabard matches my worm perfectly. 😀

    This is probably one of the more difficult achievements, yet I think you’re probably the only one who noticed. The rest of them were pretty busy in Naxx though. I’ll just have to dazzle them with it next time I show up for a 25 man. 😉

    It’ll be slightly easier to get now with the 1600 point games, but still quite a grind. Silly how you can be exalted with AV within a week, yet AB can take years… literally.

    Have you managed any 25 mans yet since you’ve returned? Naxx this sunday. 😀

    I bet you’re drooling over that BRK-1000. O.O

  3. Grats Gar, I was on yesterday when you got that Achievement. It’s really terrible that it takes so long to gain reputation with them. They should have scaled the reps for them and warsong gulch like they did with alterac valley. It’s pretty ridiculous honestly. Grats though man! That’s one tabard I won’t be getting.:)


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