Memorable WoW Moments: Beginning of My Rare Pet Obsession

It wasn’t until I was somewhere around level 36 or so that I learned there were rare pets to be had, and that some of those rare pets actually had advantages over normal pets. I was never the same after this.

I was partied with a few guild members and some other random players for a few group quests in Arathi, back when questing was challenging and some quest mobs were elite. Out of the blue one of the group members asked me if my wolf was a rare. I replied saying that, no, he was just a regular old Ghostpaw Howler from Ashenvale, but then I wondered…what is this rare pet business that this player speaks of..?

I then went to the internets and discovered the glorious adventures that awaited me. This was also when I discovered what would later become one of my all-time favorite hunter-related sites…Petopia.

With all of the information that is out there now it seems crazy that I wouldn’t have known this stuff back then, but things were different. For one, the amount of info available was nowhere near what it is today. Second, I just never thought to look for any of it. All of my research and discoveries were done in-game. Imagine that!

Needless to say, once I discovered the abundance of rare pets that were scattered about Azeroth, playing a hunter became that much more awesome.

Discovering the excitement and the joy of tracking down and taming rare pets has always been one of my favorite WoW memories.

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  1. And what fashion-conscious hunter doesn’t take full advantage of the copious amounts of stable slots to tame pets that go with mounts/transmog sets?

    Oh. Me neither. =P


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