Memorable WoW Moments: Taming the Porcupine Spirit Beasts

Gumi the Porcupine Spirit Beast

These are more recent moments, but pretty memorable nontheless…especially the time when I tamed Gumi on the PTR.

Hutia is not so bad, but I would say that Degu and Gumi are 2 of the toughest taming challenges I’ve ever experienced. Degu is flat-out frustrating until you get in the zone, and Gumi is an all-out adrenaline rush of a tame.

I highly recommend solo-taming these three porcupines as a hunter rite of passage. If you can manage all 3 of these Spirit Beasts without the need for outside help, then you’re doing alright in my book.

There were many other taming experiences which I’d considered “more exciting” than taming these 3 guys, but regardless…taming this latest lot of Spirit Beasts made for some memorable huntery moments for this guy anyway.

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