Patch Day

As I’m sure some of you already know, Patch 3.2 is hitting live servers today. If you’re accustomed to logging on just after extended maintenance, I’d brace yourselves for a long morning and afternoon. This one’s a biggie, so no doubt it could take a lot longer than usual.

So what are your plans this week after 3.2 goes live? The Crusader’s Coliseum? Isle of Conquest? A new paint job for your Tauren? Oracle or Wolvar?

I’m excited about this patch. It may not be the patch that Hunters were necessarily hoping for, but with a patch so rife with class nerfs, it’s nice that we got thrown a couple of bones. There are loads of other goodies being introduced this week too…

New Oracle pet from Children's WeekThings I’m excited about:

Children’s week. I’m looking forward to having my new pet Oracle.

Battleground experience! Sort of reminds me how I spent much of my time leveling Garwulf in Alterac Valley in the days of yore. Now we’ll have more options at least. I like this change a lot, since most of my alts will be gearing through PvP anyway. This change will kill two birds with one stone.

Upgraded Wintergrasp items. Some nice stuff here, even if it does have way too much hit rating (well… for PvP at least). Although… the new rings look pretty good and while I’d prefer crit rating, armor penetration is a decent trade-off.

New epic gems (which are pretty easy to attain I might add). These can be transmuted, prospected from Titanium Ore, purchased with emblems, or bought for the paltry fee of 10K honor. Did I mention I’m honor capped..? 😉

New dinosaur pets! I think this is a cool little addition. I’m not a huge non-combat pet fan, but they’re still fun. This will give me something to do when I get the urge to chase down some rare spawns. I especially want the Ravasaur Hatchling. Although he’s not exactly the same skin, he’ll look pretty neat next to HOSS.

New Heirloom items. Chest pieces with the 10% experience buff and The Tome of Cold weather Flying! Good news for those with altitis. Hey, I’ve got 2 toons sitting at 74 now. With these new BoA items I may actually have more than 1 80 before WoW is all done. 😉

Arena Season 7. I like the changes being made to a few of the arenas, especially being able to mount in a larger Dalaran Sewers.

I’m looking forward to some of the other content as well, but I’m not super jazzed about any of it yet. I’m sure that will change once our guild starts messing around in the Crusader’s Coliseum. The Isle of Conquest looks interesting, but I’m not as fond of the siege PvP as maybe some others are. I’ll still be checking it out this week for sure.

I suppose being Beast Mastery for PvP is one reason why I’m not as miffed as some other Hunters are about the patch. I see us definitely benefiting from these changes more so than the other two specs. If only they’d made the resilience scaling a bit higher and added crit rating for pets… Then I’d really be a happy Hunter. Oh well… there’s always 3.3.

What are you looking forward to in 3.2, and most importantly, are you going for the Oracle or Wolvar pet? 😉

Well that’s it for now. I gotta get.

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  2. Hey Trackerbr,

    I’d go with a build more like this:

    The last point could either go in Catlike Reflexes or Improved Arcane Shot.

    The last Major Glyph should be Glyph of Disengage or Mending (if you find you’re pet’s getting FF’d a lot).

    For your worm I’d go:


    Sadly, pets still aren’t inheriting crit from us… yet. I’d expect that change within the next patch or two. Ferocity pets are still putting out top damage, but Tenacity or Cunning (if you’re BM) is still where it’s at for PvP. I tear wolves and cats apart in battlegrounds, where as a crab is not worth attacking really.

    The resilience change for pets isn’t going to make a huge difference, at least where Ferocity is concerned. They’re just too squishy and they lack any real survivability talents. I still use them though from time to time ’cause it’s fun. 🙂 I like watching casters get eaten alive by giant green dino.

  3. Garwulf, with this change to pet scaling with resilience and critical all families pet now can do good damage in PVP, or only Ferocity ????

  4. Imho both Gondria and Skoll lack the coolness of Loque. Skoll is a sparking wolf and gondria is just a ghost old-model cat. I saw few Gondrias on my realm, people go for Loque.

  5. Hmm about Skoll… I been off and on lookin for him and I swear, there is No One camping him at all, none of the points, its crazy. I remember on Gondria’s release there was about 25-30 people there looking for it. I do know some people are rumoring about him getting removed but someone claims to have tamed him yesterday.

  6. @ Gar

    I’m still not 2-shotting people but I honestly love double-silencing mages/locks and make them food for worms. I managed to win some 1vs1 with nasty classes (DK’sm Rogues) but I still have problems with druids and paladins. They just heal all the time 😐

    Disarming is fun as hell. I do not know how much I disarm in a full bg run, does it appear in the combat log? I’d love a powerAura alert such as “FOCUS WAS DISARMED (timer)” or similar.

    Trapping is fun as hell too (let’s see in 3.2…). I finally enjoy our class for what it was created: CC and slow motion.

    I guess I’ll try to get good gear from Coliseum/emblems and then abandon raiding for a while to focus on PvP only.

    I also have to understand how the new resilience will modify overall damage. I hate the idea of sacrificing useful stats for resi, so I just go with full PvE gear/chants/gems.

  7. @ Uchikoma

    Mhmm… Forgot about Skoll. I sorta gave up on him on the PTR. Honestly I’m not sure if I’m going to bother on live. I want to, but… we need more slots, or at least a “Spirit Beast” stable.

    @ Dalaila

    That’s awesome. I’m glad you’re enjoying PvP since that’s probably the direction I’ll be leaning in future.

    I bet you’re having fun two-shotting people in your PvE MM gear. 😉 I’m thinking of going dual PvP builds actually. I’m only raiding about 2-3 times/mo. now, so I’m feeling like I’d get more mileage out of another PvP spec. While I do enjoy PvPing as BM, I also like the MM/SV burst that has players scrolling back through their combat logs… “OMG… what the hell just happened..?”

    Go to MMO-Champion and check out the new S7 and Wintergrasp stuff there.

  8. I started PvP (BGs) 3 days ago and I cannot get enough of it (51K honor points so far). I just love it and let me say it: for a PvP noob I have a lot LOT of fun. Even if I’m zero-resilience geared I manage to do a lot of damage, kills, etc. I’m starting to re-learn trapping, slowing people, disarming people, … Damn I love it.

    3.2 will badly nerf traps duration, that annoys me. But being a Herbalism/Alchemist I *LOVE* the bonuses. The macro “Gift of the Naaru” + “Lifeblood (buffed)” + “Endless Health potion (buffed)” will give me a pocket-healer all in one click.

    I also drool for the Coliseum stuff. Being already a Crusader I was waiting for more stuff to do.

    Question: is there a way to see all the gear/stuff you can buy with honor points (on wowhead for example)?


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