Hunter Season 7 Arena Armor

Hunter Season 7 Arena ArmorMMO Champion posted a sneak peek at some of the upcoming Season 7 Arena sets coming in 3.2. Here’s an early look at part of the Hunter Season 7 Arena PvP set coming in the next patch.

This is a really early look, so the model is missing the helm and shoulders which have yet to be finalized. Since the helm and shoulders are usually the most eye-catching of all the pieces, it’s a little difficult to get a clear cut idea of how awesome this set will look, but here ya go anyway.

Also, it’s worth mentioning again that this and the other newer Season 7 Arena rewards will only be available to 3v3 and 5v5 teams. Other than obtaining a title or going after season 6 items, there will be no reason to queue for 2v2. At least that’s the way I understand it. Blizzard decided to quit trying to balance 2v2 arena, and instead elected to kill it off slowly.

While I do enjoy 3v3 arena (5v5 can be fun, but is a little too chaotic for my tastes), this change is going to be rough on casual PvPers and those that have a harder time scheduling 3v3 and 5v5 matches, like myself. Guess I’d better be on the lookout for some fellow night owl PvPers. 😐 

I imagine the new boss in VoA will be dropping these pieces as well, but I haven’t heard for sure yet. I’ll post another screenshot of the complete set when it’s made available.

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  1. Ever since WotLK, I have been disappointed in the appearance of the armor sets. I hit 70 on my first toon right before the release of Wrath and therefore never got the chance to build up a good PvP set at 70, but the 70 sets looked awesome! The current hateful set is just pitiful looking. And like you said, the shoulder’s and helmet are what make the appearance of the sets. So here’s to hoping for a badass looking set of shoulders and helm!


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