Tier 9 Hunter Armor Set Bonuses

Tier 9 Hunter Armor Stats

  • (2) Set: Reduces the focus cost of your pet’s abilities by 50%.
  • (4) Set: Increases the critical strike chance of your Steady Shot ability by 5%.

What do you think of the Tier 9 Hunter set bonuses? I think they’re interesting, but I’d still prefer to see something along the lines of a straight AP buff and pet damage boost. The reduced pet focus buff would almost be more aptly placed upon PvP gear and the Steady Shot buff looks a bit lackluster as far as Survival is concerned.

My initial thought was that the bonuses would be most beneficial to BM Hunters, which is ironic considering they are the least represented in raids. However, after thinking about it a bit more, I think MM and SV Hunters have more to gain from it. It could allow for MM and SV Hunters to drop the point in GftT and put it elsewhere. I don’t necessarily think that this buff is better than one point in GftT, but both would be overkill IMO.

The reduced pet focus cost would merit dropping Bestial Discipline, and allow for talent point placement elsewhere. But… the way the BM tree is structured right now, there is really no way to take advantage of that from a DPS improving standpoint. If this buff were to allow BM Hunters to reapportion points from Bestial Discipline into a DPS boosting talent, this buff would be money. Right now I feel it’s a little meh.

The T9 4 pc Steady Shot buff straight up rocks for BM Hunters. The synergy with 3/3 Cobra Strikes is indeed juicy. For Marksman Hunters it looks to be a decent bonus, but for SV Hunters who use this shot the least and who have fewer synergies with Steady Shot, it seems a little weak.

What do you guys think? You like these bonuses or do you think we’re getting hosed again compared to some of the other classes’ set buffs?


7 thoughts on “Tier 9 Hunter Armor Set Bonuses”

  1. Clearly they are trying to bring BM spec up to the same level as SV/MM in raids. As a 10 man Ulduar raiding BM hunter (4k+ on bosses, 3700 overall – WWS) I welcome that idea, but I don’t think they should be doing it through gear.

    As has already been said. Unless the 2pc bonus allows us to drop gftt then it’s pretty pointless as no BM hunter is going to risk focus starving their pet.

  2. Tier 8 > Tier 9 bonuses.
    Stats are juicy indeed, some stats on surten pieces are doubled over the 10 man tier 8’s. Im also glad they’ve lowered the hit rating on t9 since Ulduar loot/t8 had lots of hit and it was easy to get it stacking well over cap.

    Im excited about the new graphics of the sets when they get revealed, since there will be 3 diffrent sets, will it be 3 diffrent looks? or factions diffrences? or just cloth/leather/mail/plate diffrences? -_-

  3. Not impressed *at all*. BM and MM specs do not need focus stuff, we got enough with current talents. Other classes got a crit bonus on primary shots while we get a 5% on a multiple-nerfed and sad “Steady Shot”. Naaaah…. very bad overall.

  4. This set looks pretty beastly. I wish it had a little more to offer than a crit bonus, but hey, who’s to argue. Seems like blizz is trying to bring back the steady shot as the big hitter for hunters. Wonder what this will do as far as Aimed Shot usage goes. Drop the point off Aimed and GftT equals 2 more for a marks person which would allow for some more mana efficiency, pvp-talents, or a lil crit boost depending on where you stick it.
    Main question, how will one be able to obtain T9? Arena, raid, or what?


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