Introducing… SKOLL!

Skoll, the new Spirit Beast in Patch 3.2

Please excuse my cheesy Strongbadian heavy metal moniker of this new Spirit Beast. I am a little sleep deprived at the moment and feeling a bit loopy.

I had a feeling that Blizzard wasn’t going to limit the Spirit Beast models to cats only. While my preference was for a black worg with a red aura, this incredibly awesome looking blue wolf with an electrifying aura will do nicely. 😉

Holy crap that thing is cool looking..!

This new Spirit Beast was recently spotted on the 3.2 PTR. His name is Skoll, and he can be found lurking in the Storm Peaks. Skoll is a neutral mob just like Loque’nahak and Gondria, so be on the lookout for the yellow dot on your mini-map if you happen to be looking on the ptr. He is of course an exotic pet, so only Hunters with the 51 point Beast mastery talent will be able to tame him.

Skoll, an exotic Beast Mastery pet in 3.2

According to a few of the Hunters that have tamed him, Skoll can be found on the Snowdrift plains and in the Foot Steppes. Both of those locations are also known spawn areas for the Time-Lost Proto Drake, so I imagine getting this guy won’t be all that easy. I’m sure more locations will be known in the next few days, so count on me posting a map once more locations are verified and confirmed.

He possesses the same abilities, Prowl and Spirit Strike, as the other two Spirit Beasts. I’m not sure yet what his howl or growl emotes sound like, but I’ll be sure to find out. I am downloading the 3.2 patch as we speak. 😀

I won’t be able to patrol for him until maybe later tomorrow, but I am making a point to acquire this guy on the public test realm. I want to tame him before the patch goes live so that I can get it out of my system before I go and abandon one of my prized pets. The last thing I need is another Ferocity pet, especially an exotic one.

Christ… I’m gonna end up abandoning my worm for this stupid thing, I just know it. More stable slots please!!!

Skoll has Spirit Strike and Prowl abilities.

View more screenshots of this incredible new Spirit Beast discovery here. More breaking news on this amazing new exotic pet over at Mania’s Blog.

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  1. I just found this guy after on and off searching for him. i was VERY happy when i found him and have named him Thor after the thunder god. i now how the rare kitty from sholazar basin ( i forget the name) and skoll. now to tame Sambas!! 🙂

  2. GRRRRRR!!!!! I am on Azjol Nerub server, time 9:00am. Camped different spawn points, and knew I should have stayed in the Bruunhilder village one. Anyway, nice person let me know that he had found the corpse of Skoll right near the metal disk. Can’t believe someone would just kill him for the hell of it. Anyway, if any of you are out there, please put it in general chat that you found him and I’m sure a hunter is going to reward you!!! Don’t KILL it!!!!!

  3. I forgot to mention, taming Skoll made me a member of the 4SB club! But I don’t suppose that’s uncommon these days. The following is OT here, but I thought I’d share it anyway…

    My fifth slot was a normal kick-ass raiding wolfie, but the other day I was catching up with quests for my soon-to-be-had Loremaster title in one of the Netherstorm ecodomes when something unexpectedly (and monstrously) bit my bum. I turned to see my Stinkybear (Arcturis) doing a chase dance with the devilsaur Tyrantus, right through a pack of small fry raptors, as our loveable, unpredictable pets will do. I had little choice but to cast Misdirection on poor old Stinkybear and Volley them all down to dust.

    Well, after that encounter the BM in me said “Rightho, TR, I’ll show you who’s the boss around here!”. Like King Krush, he fears, so I had visions of having to use the “BW, Abandon Pet, Fear, FD, Heal, start over” method of taming him; but this one, unlike King Krush, stays quiet in a Freezing Trap, and he was easy to tame without getting feared, bitten or stomped.

    So that’s my stable – stable, as it were, for now – until Cataclysm. I can’t wait to see what new exotics they will be giving us!

  4. Just tamed this guy at 3:48am server time on Whisperwind-US. Camped the disc by Brunnhildar with SilverDragon and NPCScan running. Let WoW sound play in the background while I read some blogs. Tabbed back over to WoW to make sure I didn’t get kicked for inavtivity and Skoll spawned just as my screen popped up. Only camped for 2-3 hours.

  5. Here’s something I thought was not possible…

    I just tamed Skoll at the Bor’s Breath spawn at 3am server time on The Sha’tar (EU), after camping for hours over the last few days. A few seconds later, a 78 BM hunter I know called me to ask for a hand with Sirana Iceshriek, just on top of the opposite peak. When I showed him Skoll, he said his NPCSCAN went off for Skoll, and I said of course it did… this is Skoll!

    He insisted it was not a tamed Skoll, but a spawn. I said no, not possible, it’s my pet. He said no it isn’t. Anyway, we parted company agreeing to disagree, but he whispered me a few minutes later saying he had found Skoll on the Snow Plains spawn point.

    Has this happened before? It was a very quick and easy tame… he spawned almost underneath me, I landed close to him and popped a Freezing Arrow between us, a tag shot, and then an immediate macro to /stopattack and /cast Tame Beast. He came out of the ice block licking his jaws in gentle submission and begging for a bite to eat. Maybe with a very quick tame (or kill?) the rares do respawn like this?

    Now I have to find and apologise to that hunter for contradicting him!

    By the way, I named him Hati… the brother wolf of Skoll in the Norse legend. A fitting name for a Nelf pet.

    • Yeah, ive heard that SKoll has some pretty messed up spawn times, good for you anyway!

      My first spirit beast to find was Loque, after a month, then Arcturis, I logged on and he was there, Then Skoll, I logged on flew down a montian and he was there, now gonna camp Gondria.

      Ghia, steamwheedle cartel (EU)

      Luck guys!

  6. Hi all, after an entire day of searching all 3 spawn spots I finally found skoll and tamed him at around 10pm server time. I got him at his second spawn site, by the jorgumnar worms (snowdrift plains right behind the tree). PS–I’m on Elune server

    He’s pretty bad ass……….good luck to you all.

  7. I was camping out for Arcturis and ended up camping with another hunter. The guy had been camped longer than me and I left the Arcturis spawn for him rather than fight over the beast and risk having him killed and decided to check the other spirit beast spawn points.
    After a few minutes the other guy messages that he’d tamed Arcturis and thanked me for leaving him the spawn.
    Imagine how my ‘I coulda had him……’ grumble turned to ‘Oh my word…where’s my frost trap keybind’ as Skoll spawned right in front of me as I was flying past the gas vent above the village!
    Trap down and after a short spell he shrank down like a good little spirit beast, right by my side.
    I messaged the other hunter back to let him know and we both logged off a lot happier than when we logged in!
    I rose early next morning (gotta love RL pets) and was flying merrily along when who should pop up on my screen but Arcturis!
    Trap down and another spirit beast in the stable!
    Boy, do I now believe in Karma! I’m gonna be good more often!!!
    Happy hunting to you all.

  8. Just tamed him at 28.4, 49.3 on Lightning’s Blade server. Was just walking through the trees towards the cave over there. Good luck guys!

  9. Hi guys!

    I am sorry to confess this but I just killed Skoll without knowing what it was!

    I was looking for the time lost proto drake and all of a sudden I saw Skoll and I just killed him wondering what the drop would be (Skoll’s Fang of the Necromancer, a dagger).

    I saw/killed him around 13.15 UK time, very close to Brunnhildar Village. I don’t have an add on for the coordinates so I cannot give them to you but I took a screenshot (if the creater of this forum emails me, I can email the screenshot to him because I don’t know if I can upload here).

    I am sorry for killing him. I am just trying to be helpful here by trying to explain where and when I saw him rather than annoying people.

    Good luck finding him! xx

  10. Hello everyone.

    Just to let you all know I picked up and tamed Skoll at exactly 19:30 4th of June 2010 at 77_88 on the map.
    He is really awesome and I dont think I’ve ever been so excited about something in a game. 🙂
    I am on the stormrage server. (if that matters.)

    • update on my previous post.

      I saw Skoll at 19:15 on the 3rd, the night before. I was logged in and was camping/flying looking for him since 16:00. So the spawn time was probably about 24hours. 🙂

  11. just got skoll today at 2:25pm Muradin realm time. i found him north of Brunhildar Village right where the plate form looking thing is. i figure he will most likely spawn there the most. so all i did was camp there and doing random dungeon every 1 hr and when i got back from doing a dungeon there he was standing right next to me. my heart just slam in my chest. and for a min i didn’t know what to do. lol

  12. I finally managed to get this bad boy last night on EU Anachronos. Awesome looking pet and it could be that my original cat will now be relegated to just doing HC run duties rather than taking her into the firing line in raids.

    What happened was, I was in an EOE10 run that kept failing on phase 3 and after it was called, I was going to log, but I decided to do a single run around the spawn points looking for Skoll and on the very last spawn point, my macro for finding him went off and the rest is history.

    Now I need to convince Blizzard to give us BM hunters 1 more stable slot so I can go out and tame Loque and have the full collection of spirit beasts as I tamed Arcturis about a month back and I got Gondria about 6 months ago shortly after the patch came out.

    In addition to the 3 rare spirit beasts, I also have Uhk’loc… the rare white gorilla from Un’Goro crater 😀

  13. I just tamed my third spirit beast this morning (Loque, Skoll, and Gondria) and I wanted to share how I did it. I started reading forums like this a couple months back when I switched to beastmaster spec for soloing.

    It took me 5 days of searching for Loque, my first spirit beast, before I took someone’s advice. It’s common sense, but here goes: set your alarm and wake up early. I have done this with all three beasts and it has worked for me every time, though admittedly it took me two different mornings to tame Gondria. The reason for this is, obviously, that very few people are on. For loque, I woke up at 7m est (4am server time) and flew around Shalozar basin, checking his spawn points, for about 45 minutes. I was about to go back to bed when I found him.

    Last week I decided to tame Skoll. I flew around Storm Peaks during regular hours while skinning and stuff for a couple days, and then I decided to check it one morning when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. It was around 7:20 est (4:20 gametime hellsyeah) and sure enough, on my very first pass, I tamed him.

    Yesterday morning I decided to look for Gondria and Arcturis, since they are in neighboring zones. Woke aup at 6:15est (3:15 server time) yesterday morning before work, made 2 passes, and nothing. Woke up same time this morning, and on second pass tamed Gondria.

    I have been looking for the TLPD. Nothing so far, but two mornings ago I killed Vyragosa.

    I tamed the first two without any addons, but when I started looking for the TLPD I downloaded NPCSCAN. I HIGHLY recommend this addon, as it is a pain in the ass to constantly click a macro while flying around.

    I hope this helps. Obviously, theres no guarantee it will work as quickly for you, but it may save you from spending all day and night looking for the same thing 40 other people are looking for. And it may have something to do with the server I’m on, which is Dragonblight, but the person whose post I first read about this “strategy” was on a different server. If you’re on Dragonblight, you can whisper me (my hunter’s name is Atillas) and I will show you where I tamed them.

  14. Just tamed him 12:05 GTM+1 on the azuremyst EU realm.

    I have been camping his spawnspots for ever evening for an hour or two. Furthermore I’ve searched his spawn points each morning before going to work, and during my lunch breaks.

    It was during my lunch break today I finally got him. He was at the snowdrift plains at the location shown on the image below. -A tad off the reported spawn points. :

    I was shaking all over as another hunter was grinding elementals just a few hundred yards away from him. -But the taming itself went without any problems.

    He took about 2/3 to 3/4 of my health as I diden’t want to bother with setting up a trap. (i sit at 18k health, 9k armor)

    I used NPCScan to find him btw.

    All in all I think I’ve used 1.5-2 weeks before I got him. Good hunting to all of you.

  15. A DK found him and asked in general. Nearly married them as I’d only spent 30mins camping in a different place.
    co-ords were 28.5 , 50.0

    Now just need a name as kool as the pet looks…..

    Any ideas greatly received!

  16. iv been sitting in Storm Peaks camping Skoll for four days now. i want to give up but know that if i have this guy ill have a good excuse to raid in BM =)

  17. So i herd about this pet through a friend, and decided to look it up, and INSTANTLY fell inlove with it, i couldent start looking for it right away as i promised my friend i’d help her find Loque’Nahak (Which i already have taimed myself) that hunt was truely a failure.. it Despawned once infront of me, and a mage killed it a second time,

    Anyways on to Skoll, when i finally did start looking it was about 5:00pm EST, knowing his 4 spawn points i made my rounds, by Midnight i had slowly lost interest.. i begane to just sit at the Brunnhildar Village spawn point, then i decided about 2 hours later to not give up, and begane making rounds again..

    At 4:43am EST i was just returning to the Brunnhildar spawn point when my NPCscan went off, after what, 10 hours straight? looking for this pet i quickly dismounted, threw down a freeze trap and taimed him 😉

    His names now Kelevra (“Bad Dog” in Hebrew)

  18. Just tamed Skoll – server time about 21.50.
    Was at the northwestern point as mentioned on here.

    Disappointed to note that as hes “exotic” I can only use him with the BM spec.

    So, when I switch over to survival, you cant summon him.

    Bit of a pain I thought.

    Wasted my time getting him really as I dont use BM at all 🙁

  19. I tamed skoll about a week after the patch went live. Area I found him was 21, 57 by the cave as well. About 5 seconds after I tamed it 4 other hunters showed up. Im glad the hunt is over. Now my Loque and Gondria have a friend. Tamed at about 10:00am server time. Now to tame Grubthor, haha.

  20. tamed skoll @ 21, 57 in storm peaks. He was by the lower treeline to the left facing the cave. i camped and helped a friend camp 2 spots. after about a week we both got him. he got skoll at the same spot roughly 29 hours before i got him at 6:57 am.

  21. Found Skoll at 11:45 this morning server time,at the gas cap. Used a add-on NPCScan very usefull warned me the second he was there. Now have all three Spirit Beasts..I think they all are the best looking pets out there..very happy with all of them. And when spec just right they hold their own in a fight.

  22. I got so many whispers its crazy, I don’t think most Hunters were even looking for him when the patch came out. I lived in Stormpeaks till I got Skoll.

  23. I decided on Spirit. Didn’t like the “beast” bit.. LOL!! I did the “standing on the Dalaran bank steps” bit as well.. I got totally fed up with the comments of “Where did you get the pet” Surely I’m not the only one on DS with this pet?

  24. found him this morning on Terenas at 5:35am server time at 30.64 in storm peaks. took me bout a week with all the competition goin on atm for him. good luck!

  25. Found him this morning on Jaedenar around 11 am eastern time (same as server time) He was at 27.7 50.6 behind some trees and didnt move very fast when he did start moving. If you do not know how to get coordinates on your maps, he was in storm peaks over yonder! I would suggest figuring out how to get coordinates though 🙂 It took me less than two days of randomly going on a route in Storm Peaks. I would go do quests and even log other toons I just left my Hunter up there in that area. Good hunting.

    p.s. I would suggest making macros for targeting him and the time-lost protodrake as there paths cross in several places.

  26. Tamed this fella tonight at 9:59 PDT on Gilneas at the Snowdrift Plans location…he was hiding behind a tree.

    Odd thing is I caught Gondria around the same time and Loque only a hour later. So for all you spirit beast hunters out there, go searching at around this time!

    Good luck!

  27. a more appropriate name for the wolf would actually be skolls brother hati also know as manegarm the moon devourer

  28. It looks okay but considering it’s namesake it’s too bad it looks more like its opposite

    “Skoll and Hati were two giant wolves that pursued two heavenly bodies – Sol (Sun) and Moon.” (Norse Mythology)

    Skoll chased the Sun and Hati the moon

    I’d imagine Sköll having more a gold/fiery look to him.

  29. Just killed this on PTR, never saw the mob and I instantly killed it. Fount it at Bor’s Breath or something. Really nice for hunter who are BM spec, the lightning around Skoll made it perfect.

  30. Well he does look nice from the pics, I been camping on and off to see him with no luck so far. And I was also wanting an old style wolf! I can’t say I won’t camp him when he hits live as I have a serious poke’mon issue in the terms of gotta catch em all!

    Oh and Uchikoma, its in Stormpeaks, not Icecrown~

  31. I think it’s pretty cool, yeah we all want something new pet-wise, so Loque reskinned as a wolk isn’t that inspiring, but it’s the thrill of the hunt that’s the best part. I have Loque and Gondria, absolutely no practical reason to have both, and even more so when this puppy comes to the live realm. But I will still be sat in Icecrown, /shoo’ing horde hunters and furiously flying around the spawn points until I get Skoll.

  32. Would like to add, I love the way Blizzard has incorporated alot of mythology and such into Northrend. Stupidly so. Thorim, Loken, Sif.

    Seriously. Its great fun. Granted it’s not something alot of people would pick up on unless they’ve read a huge amount of Norse Mythology.

    Skoll, actually means Skull.

    In Norse mythology, Sköll (Old Norse “treachery”) is a wolf that chases the horses Árvakr and Alsviðr, that drag the chariot which contains the sun (Sól) through the sky every day, trying to eat her. Sköll has a brother, Hati, who chases Máni, the moon. At Ragnarök, both Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson will succeed in their quests.

    Little bit of snazzy pet Trivia for ya there 😛

    I love the skin of this wolf, I hate the animation and model. But he’s so purdy!

  33. The Northrend worgs always seemed way too “stylized” for my taste but I think in the case of a Spirit Beast, whom by nature is an ethereal, almost mythical creature, the form fits. His spiky heckles and bristly hide are the perfect environment for strings of static to dance.

    Sorry about the monologue, I’m in love!!

    Best of luck getting on the PTR, I’ll be tuned into you Gar. ^^

  34. I have a problem with Northerend wolves: I do not like the running animation AND face/mouth expression. In my opinion old-world wolves are much more convincing (I reefer to the model used by Shaman’s talent too).

    These wolves run like a grasshopper 😐 but at least they are level 80 and do not need leveling. But I seriously thought about getting a new one when I was running around Azeroth for Midsummer festival…!

    • Yeah, I’m not real crazy about these models either. I like the old world Worg model the best, with the traditional wolf model as a close second. Skoll is pretty amazing looking though.

      I’m trying to get on the ptr tonight, but my downloader keeps failing. 🙁 I want to tame this guy and see if he’ll be worth picking up in 3.2.

  35. omg!! for realz??? I wanted a spirit beast wolf for such a long time. Even though I’m no longer BM, I must have him!!

  36. I guess the problem is “overpower”. Wolves are the best raiding pets (in terms of DPS). If the power of a wolf gets boosted even more… every BM raiding hunter will just try to tame this blue wolf and forget about Gondria, Loque, Aotona or Yoshi.

    Blizzard nerfed cats because they were the best pets for raiders. Now everyone goes with a wolf, so nothing changed (until they nerf wolves too… of course).

    BM-exotic is just a way to show cool stuff. Loque is amazing but is dead under a pile of dust in the stable. No real use for it. Will I free a spot for this electric wolf? Not at all, I’m sorry…

  37. Sorry satyr for not including the bit about claw. I was pretty beat when I posted this.

    So since Dalaila’s now pointed it out…

    CLAW!?! Why on earth would a wolf have claw and not bite?

    If they plan to continually add more Spirit Beasts to the game, it’d be nice if they could have skills akin to their original pet families. I guess that would probably mean too much additional work for the developers, but it sure would be nice.

    Adding different models with the exact same abilities is going to really trivialize these pets.

  38. Does not “feature from screenshots” does not confirm or deny — bite over clas or howl over claw.

    I would assume Skoll would have a focus dump like claw (such as bite is) or the much preferred howl.

    So someone who has tamed him, what 3rd ability does he have? claw, bite or howl?

  39. From what I’ve sen on the PTR screenshots this wolf will NOT feature the Furious Howl ability. It’s basically a reskinned cat with a wolf cloak. A nice variation but what’s the point of giving CAT abilities to a WOLF?

  40. I will be honest here: Blizz was a bit lazy. Loque had a unique and truly awesome model and skin. Gondria and this one… are old-models repainted with some fancy (?) effects.

    Let me be even more angry: we have too FEW STABLE SLOTS for all of them. With dual talent spec. we should have been buffed with DOUBLE slots.

    • Thanks for this post nobbie. Sorry I forgot to moderate it like a jackass. :-\

      It held it in queue because of the hyperlinks and I just now approved it.

      I need to L2WordPress. 😉

    • I just killed Vyragosa in Storm Peaks about an hour ago during my herb farming session, then i camped a mage for about 30 mins then back to herbing. I swoop down on a icethorn and Skoll walks in front of me. i’m like wth so i call stable by only non exotic that i got at level 10 *sniff* give him the finger and tame skoll. This for me dispelled the rumor that spirit beasts share the spawn timer as other rares in the zone. The highlight of the day is this was my 2nd spirit beast to tame today. Earlier i was in grizz hills and i found Arcturis for the 2nd time, already had him tamed on my hunter on patch day. so i loaded up my friends BM hunter and tamed Arcturis for her. The old gods are smiling on me today.

  41. BUT — no one has commented….the cat SBs have claw.

    Do he have bite (most likely) or the more desired Furious Howl?


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