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Hunter Macros Updated for 3.1.3 WotLKI just wanted to announce that I updated my Hunter Macros page a few days ago. I moved a few things around, created a Hunter PvP Macros section and removed some dead wood. All of the Hunter macros listed are fully functional as of patch 3.1.3.

If anyone has any useful Hunter macros they like to use that I’ve not listed, please share them. I’m always on the lookout for good macros.

I have a couple of Marksman macros I still need to toss up there, but I’d say all of my essential Hunter macros are listed. Anyway, check it out and see if you can find anything you’d like to try, and also let me know if I left anything out that should be on the list.

Update: 06/11/09 – I just enabled comments for the macros page so start submitting if you see any I should consider adding.

Click here for useful Hunter Macros

4 thoughts on “Hunter Macros”

  1. Hung,

    Here’s my armory:

    You can check out my spec from there.

    I’d recommend about 600 resilience minimum, with 700-800 being the ideal.

    As far as the crit goes, you can gem for agility, but don’t gem for crit. AP is actually better than crit for PvP because crits get mitigated hard by resilience. Resilience not only lessens your chance to crit, but also nerfs them quite a bit. Buff your AP, not your crit.

    I go with agility gems since it gives my pet and I more overall stats than just straight AP, but a lot of BM Hunters go straight AP.

  2. Hiya Gar,

    Just did my first battleground last night. It was my first experience with pvp. Crazy fun. Could you link your current pvp talent spec and armory page. Also could you explain “resiliance” and how much of it I need. I assume that with pvp, its all about getting my crit % as high as possible for max burst dmg.


    – Hung aka Meganchan


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