The Helpful Hunter: Hunter Talents Overview

My posting has become more sporadic as of late, and I do apoloigize. Apart from the everyday things in life that occupy your time, ie: family, friends, work, etc… lately I’ve been compelled to play WoW more in my free time, thus the blog gets back-burnered a bit. I apologize to those of you who are regular visitors. Normally I don’t like to let more than a day roll by without a new post.

Right now I’m farming honor like a madman when I have time. I’m trying to obtain at least 1-2 upgrades per week as I progress through arena season 6. Aside from that, I’ve been pugging heroic raids for gear and emblems, as well as helping out the guild when I can.

I’ve had all of these grand ideas for posts, but when I sit down to lay them out, it ends up looking like it’s going to be a 2-3hr minimum endeavor which I then end up just aborting. I’ve really been meaning to post more helpful information for the unseasoned Hunterlings to digest as they navigate through Hunterdom. My goofy experiences and stories may be amusing for some, but I’ve been wanting to provide more useful tips and advice for aspiring Hunters.

Yesterday as I was milling about the backyard with my 2 year old I had a grand idea. I decided I’d showcase a Hunter talent each day and discuss it somewhat in depth, also explaining who would need it and why. However, when I sat down and counted out all of the talents in the respective trees, I realized it would take nearly three months to get through all of that.

31 Days of the Helpful Hunter

As a compromise, I’ve elected to focus on one tier of each tree each day, for the next 31 days. I’ll cover all of the 51 point talents in the final post. While this may not be a ground-breaking area of discussion, I do think that one man’s opinion is important, not to mention the invaluable addition of comments which flow in afterward from some of my experienced and enlightened readers.

This will provide me with an easily executable and well organized posting gameplan for the next month. I don’t foresee any problems keeping on task with this. When the Hunter Talents Overview is complete, I can then compile all of the data and publish it to a page on the site, just making sure I keep it updated when changes are made.

Hopefully I have helped a lot of folks new to the Hunter class, but I must admit, I have learned a lot from many of you people. This blog has made me a better player in my opinion, and I really respect and appreciate my fellow Hunters’ input. I want to continue to promote this round-table type of discussion so that we all may benefit.

I like to promote individual thinking, and to provide people with the knowledge to make educated decisions on speccing based on their needs and playstyle, rather than just sending them over to ElitistJerks for the latest cookie-cutter build. While the top DPS builds may be just that in the hands of an experienced Hunter, many players won’t see the benefit if they don’t know what the hell they are doing with it.

My plan is to analyze and evaluate each Hunter talent, and then indicate which build(s) would need it and why. I’ll still be posting silly screenshots, talking about how awesome I am, and sharing in-game experiences, but it’s important that I dedicate myself right now to giving back to the Hunter community. So, without further ado… let’s begin!

14 thoughts on “The Helpful Hunter: Hunter Talents Overview”

  1. That’s what I’m talking about!

    Good info Seshiro.

    My plan is to edit these posts somewhat when I’m all done, so that I can factor in some of the things I learn along the way from other Hunters like yourself.

    Keep it comin’. Pump that friend of yours for more info. šŸ˜‰

  2. Dalaila,

    Either way, I enjoy your comments and I think others would benefit from your experience(s).

    I like your writing. It has a cute Euro charm to it.

    If you start a blog I’ll support you with some linkage. If you want me to feature some of your guides, etc. in posts here, that’s cool too.

    We all have our “things” we like to do in-game. Our play-styles cross over in certain areas, and I’m sure there are plenty other Hunters and players who can relate as well.

  3. I have been haunting this site for about a month, so to accurately answer your question, yes to both.
    Oh side comment to Improved concussive shot, I chose this talent on my Build for a few reasons:
    1. I hate partial talenting of anything, thats my OCD taking control of my toon, however I may be taking 1 point out of thick hide for 1 point in Imp hawk very soon.
    2. I have found great synergy with this using steady shot, I can snap off 3 easily during the daze, and with the glyph thats even more bonus damage, I actually have an inside friend at Blizzard and they are actually fixing concussive to work on ALL mobs that can be affected by Serpent Sting, they had intended this kind of synergy all along, you may be surprised on how many mobs that can already be affected by this shot.
    3. In raids and instances 6 seconds can give a tank precious time to pull a mob away from the healer. (not to mention being very useful for slowing down Zombie Chow headed for Gluth)

  4. @ Gar

    I WAS an enchanter and recently dropped for Alchemy just for fun (I was bored of ench after 2 years). Of course NOW I’d love to be an ench lol :). To be honest that wont change so much. Greens are the most valuable (I know it sounds absurd) as Dust and Essences sell MUCH more than low-level shards.

    Every Dust and Essence I got from 2 runs was sold between my 1st post today and now. Good thing, good profit (and fun). I just got a friend on trade channel to DE my stuff. I give him 10G each time I need some DE (10-15 objects at least) so we’re both happy.

    I know why I like your blog (came here from the old good BigrRedKitty): we think, play and have fun in the same way (Seshiro should be a good one too). All of us mature and fathers. I think that adds more spice to the recipe.

    I’ll think about the guide, I am not English mother-tongue so I could seem a little too childish sometimes :). I could just open a miniblog and link it. We’ll see, it could be fun now that the game is leaving me more time (I play less intensively and when I play I do “unusual” things/achievements)!

  5. Update… Ramparts with a better organized the RAMPS full clear needed exactly 15’30” minutes (stopped the timer as soon as I looted the final chest).

    Got a total of 55G from gray items, gold loot and soulbounds. That’s 220G alone. Then I got 6 greens, let’s say an average of 4 dusts per item at 1G per piece it’s +24G per run, so we get more or less 320G per run. Let’s say around 400G with a little luck šŸ™‚

  6. > (Iā€™m also am a father of a very
    > precocious 2 year old boy)

    You too? My cute little companion dinged 2 years 1 month ago :-D. My wife is already going for the second achievement “New born!”… I AM NOT PREPARED!

    • Well, if you’re not quite prepared at this time for your wife being pregnant again, in the meantime, practice, practice, practice…

      That’s my motto.

  7. US-Horde-Feathermoon, Troll Hunter
    Garwulf, I am thoroughly impressed with your site, I think it’s because we have alot in common, Love the game, and hope Blizzard will finally give hunters all the fixes they need. (I’m also am a father of a very precocious 2 year old boy). I would love to chat with you re:Hunter Theorycrafting, I would like to compare notes. Are you going to attend Blizzcon? Please check out my post on the Hunter forums…
    (Hunter fixes for 3.2), not sure if thats the “exact” title but search under my Character name.

    • I read your post Seshiro. Some very intelligent and thought-stirring ideas. Some of them seemed perhaps a bit too OP (although I wouldn’t argue against any of those changes), but nonetheless I see where you’re going with them.

      I don’t foresee me making a trip to Blizzcon unless I can justify to my wife that it’s a “business trip” and a tax write-off. LOLOLOL

      Thanks for the compliments on the site. By the way, did you just recently find me, or have you been haunting this place for a bit but only just now posting?

  8. Ramparts

    G/hour should be around 200-250 (loot, vendor-soulbound, vendor-trash, DE greens and Runecloth (4 full stacks @ 5-7G/stack or even more).

    Not bad. Of course that’s not the optimum grinding place but it’s a matter of testing and playing around with our class.

    You know what? I love grinding stuff and old instances. Why? Because we are *HUNTERS* and our task should be going around “hunting” stuff. It really fits our class šŸ™‚

    It would be very fun and interesting to have a “Soloing old instances for profits” table for hunters… where you can find where you can get the best gold, the best DE items and so on.

    • Dalaila,

      Lately I’ve bene engaging in a lot of group stuff,, ie: PvP and raiding, but I really enjoy soloing as well. I had a lot of fun going back through vanilla dungeons at level 70, whether it be to see content I’d missed or to run lower level toons.

      You’re right, it’s definitely a good way to learn your class mechanics and utilize all of the tools available. I just wish I could d/e all of the loots that drop. šŸ™

  9. Gar you just need a teammate to post with you on (your) blog. That will keep the meat fresh and people will be happy :). A PvE player would be good to add more spice (you’re mostly PvP, or am I wrong?).

    Today I’ve been testing some runs with my BM-tank’n’grinding spec in older Outland instances (levels 58-65 maximum). It seems stupid but apart from nice cash and greens you can learn tactics to make you react faster and even USE TRAPS while sloloing… Yes, TRAPS… do you still remember that we can use traps in PvE lol? And Runecloth sells like nothing else…

    Dmn I wish Blizz had more interest in the trapping/CC mechanics for PvE content šŸ™

    • HaHa… For right now, I think one cook in the kitchen is plenty.

      However, I really like these reports you have of clearing these old dungeons for fun and profit. If you’re interested, I would consider posting some of your lower level instance guides, giving you full credit writing a little bit about who you are. World Renowned Hunter/Explorer who was the first player to report finding the latest Exotic Spirit Beast, Gondria.

      I’d just want to review and edit them first before I post them, but I think it’d be cool. Just a thought.


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