The Best Place To Level Your Pet From 75 to 80

…besides heroic dungeons, is in the Storm Peaks. If there’s a better place, I haven’t found it. I just wished I’d have discovered this location awhile ago.

Best Pet Leveling Location in Storm Peaks

I’ve really only begun messing around in the Storm Peaks the past several weeks. Sons of Hodir was the one reputation grind I hadn’t started until about 6 weeks ago. Had I finished the quest chain months ago and known about this spot, I would have brought all of my pets here. It wasn’t until my Chimaera hit level 77 that I began to farm here for pet experience.

The only catch to grinding in this location, is that you have to complete two quests before the mobs in this area will spawn. They are: Can’t Miss Him and the follow up quest, Battling the Elements. Once you complete these two quests, the area will be full of Seething Revenants from there on out.

These mobs are all level 80, are fairly squishy, drop loads of good stuff, and have an incredibly fast respawn rate. At times, they will spawn faster than you can kill them. In certain locations, they will spawn up to three times within seconds of one another.

Since I’ve been late coming to the Sons of Hodir’s party, I’ve been farming near Dun Niffelem for Relics of Ulduar when leveling my past two pets. Stacks of 10 give you 250 rep, which has sped things up for me a great deal. I leveled my crab from 75-80 by farming mobs on the frozen lake, as well as killing the ghostly guys in Thunderfall.

Those two spots are pretty decent for farming, but not nearly as good as the area I’m directing you to.

Within two hours I had leveled my Chimaera from 77 to 80, and had farmed the following:

  • 161 x Crystallized Fire – These sell for 4.5G ea. on my server.
  • 124 x Relic of Ulduar – I turned them in for rep, but these can fetch around 4-5G ea. depending on your server’s economy.
  • 7 Greens
  • 1 Blue
  • 134G in vendor trash

Chimarea dings 80... again.Aside from all the goodies that dropped, as well as attaining three pet levels in record time, another thing that made this grind enjoyable was stealing all the kills from a Warlock bot who was patrolling the area. I figure I must’ve lightned their take by well over 1K G for the night. 😀

I don’t like to take my pets into instances, battlegrounds or arena until they’re max level. If you’re like me, and prefer to solo-grind them to max level before grouping with others, then this is the place to do it. Just put on some music, sip a few beverages of choice, and in to time your pet will be 80, and your gold satchel will be brimming.

Happy Pet Experience Farming!

14 thoughts on “The Best Place To Level Your Pet From 75 to 80”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the map and tips you provided on Gondria and Loque-nahak. I tamed Gondria first on Mother’s Day and I tamed Loque’nahak this morning May 16 at 2:30 server time east coast time. Couple of points to make though, when I came into the basin not to many people were there so I thought I may have a chance. I posted a general shout out as to if anybody had seen him and a level 80 paladin said he killed him almost 20 mintes earlier so figuring 6-12 hour spawn timer I was out of luck but I had just came in late at 10:30pm server time as another hunter had just tamed him. So only a 4 hour re-spawn time and I tamed him 20 minutes after someone had killed him. The paladin had informed me that he had heard Loque was spawning more frequently now dont know if that is true but facts are clear in my case. It is a long road to hoe trying to tame these guys but they are worth it and I have seen no degredation on my DPS in raids as I am still first in damage and DPS and I have some high powered guild mate Warlocks and palidans. Tame I missed was at Eagle site North, I tamed him at the Gorilla tame site for fyi.

    Now I can get some sleep! 🙂 Again thanks for the map and tips I love your web site.

  2. Hung,

    Right now you’re at 7.75% hit, and 8.75% hit with your Draenei racial. Don’t worry about the number so much, as the percentage itself. Just make sure you’re at a minimum hit rating of 7% since you’re Draenei.

    Being over is better than slightly under, but you’re at a point now where you can start to swap out a piece of gear or two that has other stats in place of hit.

    Now you can start stacking AP, Agil, Haste, Int, etc…

    I just noticed that in your MM build you have 3/3 Focused Aim. You can drop that now since you have so much +hit on all of your gear.

    You’re doing instances as MM right?

  3. Ah so that’s why I never heard back from groups when I was looking to join a raid. Hahahahah. How embarressing. I’m glad to know that I actually do more dps than that.

    Ok I took your advice to increase my hit rate. Switched up my gear and talents. Currently my hit rate is at 254.

    Does that factor in the 3 talent points in focussed aim and my +1% hit from my draenei racial passive bounus? Do I still need to get it over the 263? So do you consider +hit bonus on equipment more important than + AP, + crit, or + haste prior to hitting 263?


    – Hung

  4. I tried last night to go do the 2 quests leading up to being able to farm this spot and level my pets. The quest wasn’t available at those chords. What quests do I need to complete before they become available? Do I need to be neutral with the Sons of Hodir first?

  5. Hung,

    If you don’t have Recount already, you should probably go download it. It’s a damage meter that will track all sorts of helpful info like your dps, damage, crits, misses, etc…

    When you’re being invited to a group for a 5 man and they ask your DPS, they want to know what kind of DPS you do in a 5 man. Your baseline is not accurate, because it won’t factor in all of the boosts you receive from crits, procs, talents, your pet, buff food and flasks, etc.

    With your gear you should be doing at least 2k with that MM spec. You should probably put 3 points into Focused Aim, since your hit rating is under 4%. That will help your DPS a lot.

  6. @ Hung

    I answer for you until Gar comes in our aid :D. You should give them your “average” DPS without buffs (potions, foods, …) while playing alone OR testing on dummies. That’s just to have a “basic” idea of your damage per second, people will then know if you’re still in greens, blues or whatever 🙂

  7. Hey Garwulf,

    I have a question about DPS. I have been asked when looking to join a 5 man instance what my DPS is. Here is my armory site.

    On my character info screen, it lists my ranged DPS as 462.1. Of course this is without buffs. Is this the number that they are asking for? I often hear on the lookingforgroup channel, other people stating that their dps is 2k??? Do I need to measure and calculate my dps or is my equipment still noobish? Hah.


    – Hung

  8. This was exactly what I was doing to level a new pet. Popped on some shows to catch up on, and sat back while simultaneously leveling pet, leveling dagger weapons skill, and the rep grind for Sons of Hodir. Of course it took much much longer because I was only half watching the WoW window 😛

    I thought Relics of Ulduar were soulbound? Was there a recent change?

  9. @ Garwulf

    I read your blog at least 5-6 timed a day. I could use the RSS but I love this place ;). I just do not post everytime eheheh 😀

  10. WB Dalaila!

    This area sort of reminded me how I used to enjoy grinding on the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. While it’s not something I want to be doing all the time, grinding a few hours a week has always been something I like to do. Plus, farming as BM is so damn easy and fun. I’ll probably come back here from time to time to speed up my rep gains with the Sons of Hodir.

    I agree with you Shotgunpete. Storm Peaks is great for mammoth meat, skinning and the dailies are great. I used to grind in Sholazar for the mammoth meat, but after hanging around storm peaks, I realized that was the place to farm for it.

    Thanks for the tips icedtrip. I think Storm Peaks offers quite a few pretty good spots to farm, especially with all of the elementals there.

    HaHa Trackerbr! I’ve always wanted more stable slots. I wish we could buy them like bank slots. Even if the starting price was 1KG for one more, I’d be buying them. Pets are like weapons, but only more important.

    If anything, being able to purchase additional “exotic slots” would be nice, even if it were only one or two. I feel like I’m pretty set with exotics at 3, but I wouldn’t mind trying a Silithid.

  11. Please some one ask blizzard to improve Stable I need more slots. Like i suggest at blizzard forum. Give to Exotic’s BM Hunter especial Exotic Slots for Exotics Pets, only usable with 51 BM points.

  12. Great advice! I have been using storm peaks as a pet leveling place ever since I hit 80, but never thought to grind around the anvil. All you said makes perfect sense.

    Another good spot is in the mine at brunnhildar village. The mobs are neutral and very easy to take down. They have a high drop rate on the relics, but that’s about it. Also, you want to be somewhat mindful of the people questing there.

    Another good spot is at the Library. If you are an engineer, you can “mine??” the mobs there. So far, the best thing I have been able to mine off them has been Volatile Blasting Triggers, but the mobs are plentiful.

    The crystallized fires at the anvil however 1-ups the other spots I have found. My chimaera is sitting at 78 and Scarlet Monastery hyena is sitting at 77, so I will take your advice on the anvil location and see what I can do.

  13. Thanks for the tip. I always do the hot and cold quest there and never thought about grinding it. I tamed my Chimera yesterday so I will be hitting it tonight after work. Also thanks for the tip on the Chimera; I think once she is 80, she will be a real butt kicker. I honestly love the Sons of Hodir area, it has all the meats you need for cooking, skinning is great, and the quests are close together so you spend minimal time traveling. I should be Exhaulted this weekend, which will be nice for the enchants.

  14. I’ve been “farming” this area too for some mats I needed time ago. I usually level pets inside heroics, because being MM specced my pet wont cut my DPS even if -5 levels 🙂

    The area you mentioned is worth more or less 700G/hour, based on drops/vendor-trash/gold you mentioned in your post (assuming you DE green stuff of course). I must say it’s a very good area, indeed.

    I’m currently running low level instances/raids for achievements and grinding has never been so fun. I sometimes get rare blues BOE that can sell for more than 100G.

    I love grinding, do not ask me why 🙂


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