WG Tenacity Buff… WTF..?!

Last night in Wintergrasp I found out what the Tenacity buff was… the hard way.

Alliance was attacking, so I headed over to the Eastern Siege Workshop to take control. When I get there, I see a BE Ret Pally sitting there all by her lonesome. Being a studly BM Hunter w/ all my cooldowns, I figured man I feel sorry for this poor sap.

I cast Hunter’s Mark, send my pet in, go into big-red-god-mode, and then see this a few seconds later…

Wintergrasp Tenacity Buff

I charged back there thinking it must have been a fluke. After getting raped a second time, I’m starting to think something’s not right here.

I then headed back a third time and saw two other Rets beating on her. I thought, oh yeah… this M-F’er is going down this time. Just as I got there, she’d dropped one, then right as I entered combat, she dropped the other. I soon followed.

That’s when I paused to take a good look at her health and check the damage I took in my combat log. 51.9K HPs… and doing 15K+ burst… WTF?!

After the two Rets and I res’d at the Alliance GY, I charged back in with them. Trepidatiously, we paused near the entrance of the workshop. I sat down to eat my buff food and call for a new stabled pet. I brought out my Crab, because this time I meant business. We’re going to show her that cheaters never prosper. We’re gonna tear through her 52K like nobody’s business. Once again, she made quick work of us.

After mentioning this in general, and insinuating haxx might be involved, I was quickly reminded of the fact that I’m a noob by some random courteous (lol…hardly) player. I whispered one of the Rets that she had crushed within seconds, and he politely informed me that she had multiple stacks of the Tenacity buff. I checked all of the BE Pally’s buffs and didn’t see it, so I was naive to it.

Depending upon how outnumbered a faction is in WG, they receive multiple stacks of the Tenacity buff, which can turn them into mini raid bosses almost. With two Rets and a godly BM Hunter 😉 on them, they never went below 60%.

Anyway, I thought it was a funny story, and figured that those of you who knew about this buff would get a kick out of my noobishness. I guess most of my WG battles had been pretty evenly matched before, so I’d never experienced this.

I swear, I doubt I’ll ever not be a noob at this game. 😉

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  1. Little advice for a Silithid pet, you want to drop Animal handler from your talent tree if your BM, if you specced your pet with Cobra Reflexes/Wolverine bite. The reason why, is you want the enemy to dodge the pet for the talent to proc as often as possible. The two points can be shifted into Improved mend pet with (possible mending glyph), since cunning pet have only bullheaded in their tree which is debateable when points could be spent better somewhere else.

  2. The best movement hinderance PVP pets are;

    Silithid (Cunning,Exotic)- BM only.
    Hyena (Ferocity) – All specs.
    Crab (Tenacity) – All specs.

  3. I’m specced BM for pvp with three points in Hawk Eye and have a Hyena called Loki who is excellent for pvp. Tendon Rip (14 sec CD, and does dmg) is brilliant and stacks with Wing Clip and Concussive Shot and really cramps melee players style when he goes big red. The added bonus, is Hyena’s are from the ferocity tree. Keeping on the move with added range is a must. This macro helps too.

    #showtooltip Disengage
    /cast Concussive Shot
    /cast Tendon Rip
    /cast Disengage

    IF I’m soloing a retridin I keep on the move and strip away his mana and buffs with concussive shot. Avoid them when their bubbled then big red macro time when it ends.

    #showtooltip Bestial Wrath
    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /cast Kill Command
    /cast Aspect of the Beast
    /cast Intimidation
    /cast Call of the Wild
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    Intimidation doesn’t always pop so sometimes I have to do it manually.

    Call of the Wild is great for the burst damage and Heart of the Phoenix gives you your pet up time. Would considor the mending glyph, but had not cause too yet.

    When my BW is on CD I have my get out of dodge macro;

    #showtoolip Freezing Trap
    /use Medallion of the Alliance
    /cast Master’s Call
    /cast Deterrence
    /cast Freezing Trap
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

  4. I agree ret pali’s are tough, I just started one with my brother and the recruit a friend program, I didn’t realize how many stun tricks they had until I started playing one. If you can get a well timed intimidate and a aimed shot in, sometimes you can get the jump on them. Even then, with out help you will probably still be in trouble.

  5. I haven’t been raiding much the past few weeks, so I haven’t been playing as MM that often. However, I did raid 3 times the past three days.

    In Naxx 10 man I was usually in the 3.8-4k range. In heroic Vaults last night I was doing 4.9K on Archavon.

    It’s provided some nice DPS gains over my previous BM raiding spec. I also like that it’s less pet dependent, and more raid friendly.

    Only two problems I’ve had with it so far are, getting in the habit of re-activating TSA after a wipe, and watching my aggro more closely. I’ve been a lot more apt to pull aggro off of the tank with this spec.

  6. Slightly off topic (okay completely) but how is your MM spec treating you? I haven’t read anything about it lately.

  7. Disengage, then hit him with conc shot & aimed. Send your pet in to attack and stun him and make sure you put some HoTs on your pet. Keep him at range to avoid the fear, and just pray you burn him down before he gets too many dots on you.

    As BM, the only class that makes me pucker a little are Ret Pallies. I don’t really have any difficulty with any cloth wearers. Warriors & DKs can be pesky, and good Rogues that catch you with no cooldowns can be a serious problem.

    BM is probably, and has been for some time, one of the best 1v1 classes out there. Soon you’ll be owning Locks and wondering what it was you were afraid of. Just beware of the Ret. 😉

  8. im such a noob to the game and the only class that manages to kill me is warlock? wat up wiv that.
    The DoTs are the main prob, i panic wenever i get one lol.
    I ussualy run and die cause of DoTs.
    I have newb question:
    When u r running and a lock jumps out on you wat do u suggest?

  9. I play both sides and on my server the Alliance outnumber the Horde 50 to 1. The buff means nothing when you have 50 dudes on you. I do like when a heal crits for 36k though on my Druid. I have noticed the lower the tenacity the better we do. Also, if you win with the tenacity buff you get an acheivment “against all odds” or something like that, on my alliance toon I have not even been close to seeing that achievment.

  10. The kicker is that Tenacity was given a buff in patch 3.1.1.

    On Windrunner, Horde can apparently get up to 20x Tenacity (can it stack any higher anyone?). It gets very disheartening to get one shot by a Shadow Priest who goes on to solo wipe the rest of your entire attack party.

  11. On my server (EU-Azuremyst) Alliance outnumbers Horde by 4 to 1.
    Which means that Horde has Tenacity in 8 out of 10 matches.
    As an Nelf Hunter i avoid enemy paladins and warriors at all costs. Dk’s and Rogues can be brought down, depending on the player quality, but you’ll never bring down a tena buffed paladin alone.
    This has been specially true since 3.1 hit, and it sucks.


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