Sapphiron’s Demise

Sapphiron's DemiseWhat an exciting week in Naxxramas! Our guild toppled three new bosses in 10 man Naxxramas, including Sapphiron. I also managed to get my hands on some Hunter loot this week. 🙂 Now that our Enhancement Shaman (who kills me on DKP) feels he’s adequately geared, he’s raiding with his Rogue alt. Finally I have shot at some new Mail.

We’re now on the brink of a full clear after having gotten Kel’Thuzad to 15% last night. We plan on resuming the beating tomorrow. Oh, how I hope he drops the gun.

This past week we downed Gluth, Thaddius and Sapphiron, all of which were guild firsts for us. Gluth was relatively painless once we established and followed our gameplan. Our winning strategy consisted of our Blood Death Knight and Frost Mage kiting the zombies around the back of the room with me keeping Frost Traps up on “second base”, while maintaining DPS on Gluth and dispelling his enrages. It worked like a charm. As long as you can keep the damn zombies away from him and AoE them down during Decimates, that’s a fairly straightforward tank ‘n’ spank.

Thaddius was pretty easy I thought. As long as everyone is mindful of the charges, that fight is no problem.

Sapphiron was tough, but just like all of the other boss fights in Naxx, once the group’s all on the same page it’s relatively painless. I’m not sure how other guilds do this fight, but we would all run towards the entrance just before the air phase. This made it easy for everyone to seek cover behind the ice blocked players.

Aspect of the Beast came in handy during this part. My Devilsaur seemed to be immune to the Tail Sweep and AoE damage, so I just left him out there to wail away on Sapphiron while I ran and hid behind an ice-blocked guildie by the entrance.

Tomorrow we attempt Kel’Thuzad once again, and this time I’m predicting we get him within 1-2 attempts. Our “little guild that could” is gaining some serious momentum… more on that to follow.

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