Hot Streak

After about 90 minutes of arena in which we were forcibly violated in places we don’t speak of, by DK/Ret, DK/Holy Pally and Ret/Holy Pally, my 2v2 partner and I decided to take a break. We weren’t faring so hot tonight with our double-dps 2v2 combo of Fury Warrior / BM Hunter, so we decided to try and find a healer for 3v3. After about 10 minutes of searching and still no healer, I thought… “what the well… let’s grab my dinosaur and have some fun”.

Lethal Weapon
No PvP trinket, no problem.

I stabled the Chimera and brought out the green machine, King Krush. We went on a mini-roll putting together a few wins, including some unlikely victories vs. DK/Pally teams. Once I started getting the old confidence back and having some fun with things, I decided to kick it up a notch. I went full Riggs mode by putting on my raid gear and even swapping out my PvP trinket for my Incisor Fragment.

We started nuking players and gaining back much of the ground we lost. After about 2 1/2 total hours of arena for the night, we were sitting 2 points higher than when we started earlier in the evening. I suggested maybe we call it since it was getting late, and being that he’s 2 time zones ahead of me it was really late for him. He replied with, “nah, let’s go until we lose”, which has always been my philosophy when the Arena Gods seem to be smiling upon you.

Well… the arena gods applauded us for hanging in there and staring face-first into adversity, because guess what… Hot Streak, that’s what! We’re definitely not going to set the world on fire with this team, nor is our ranking anything to brag about, but 10 straight wins with our class combo is a pretty tough achievement in any bracket. Not to mention, as Forrest would say if he played level 80 arena in World of Warcraft, “Arena’s like a box o’ chocolates… you never know when a Death Knight/Paladin team is going to show up and treat you like their cell mates”.

Well, he probably wouldn’t use those exact words, but you get the point. 😉

Hot Streak Achievement
Screenshot or it didn't happen.

BM Hunter/Fury Warrior FTW..!!

WTF..?! is more like it, but hey, I’ll take it!

Night everyone! 😀

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