Working Out The Kinks

Bond... James BondCreating a user interface for WoW is not unlike building a website. That’s possibly one reason why the task appeals to me so much. When you’re finished, there will always be minor adjustments that need to be made, as well as unforeseen problems that may arise from live testing.

Last night I spent the better part of my evening in Azeroth trying to figure a way to get Bartender 4 to behave as needed. It wasn’t until I went to control a siege vehicle in Strand of the Ancients that I realized I had an issue with my setup. After a little Googling, critical thinking and some tinkering… problem solved. The end result is, my primary action bar is now back where it used to be and I have a small bar displaying important cooldowns below. The only visible change is that there are 4 more action bar slots on the top, which is nice because now I’m able to watch my CD on Misdirection, Viper Sting and a few other important skills.

I also slickened things up with some minor tweaks to ButtonFacade. I’m considering trying out a different skin though. Apathy is nice looking, but slightly larger icons may prove more practical.

I also found some of the Power Auras were very difficult to view against a snowy background, so I boosted the alpha on them a bit. Overall, I am very, very happy with this collection of addons and the new user interface in general. Once I feel like I’m “done”, I’ll post another detailed list of my addons and some more screenies. I’ve found some really nice tutorials on YouTube for some of these addons which I’ll provide links for.

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