Nightsaber Duo

Nightsaber Cub Pet
Nightsaber Cub with big bro, Shadowclaw.

A big grats to Nielsen, who was the winner of the Nightsaber Cub loot that I gave away last weekend. Also, a huge ‘thank you’ as well for sending in this awesome screenshot.

Not sure if Nielsen already had Shadowclaw in the stable, or maybe was just inspired to go on a taming adventure after my Cat Whisperer post, but either way… nice job showing off the matching pets! 🙂

Nightsaber Cub Pet
Look at that sleepy boy...

Here’s another shot of the Nightsaber Cub taking a little rest. This was sent over by Vanhohenheim, who won the Nightsaber Cub via the contest I hosted over on my loot card website.

What do you think people…are these contests fun or what?! I’m enjoying being able to pass out some free loot, not to mention the season of giving is nearly upon us…

Ho Ho Ho..!

2 thoughts on “Nightsaber Duo”

  1. Heck to the yeah they’re fun! You are truly the man for sharing so much with so many people you’ve never met. Tomorrow I will give thanks for Gar and the Lodge!


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