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I finally broke down and figured I’d go see what the heck this facebook site is all about…the one the kids keep talking about these days.

Anyway, I just set up a brand spankin’ new page, so head on over and like it! It’s real quiet over there right now, but I do plan on posting there quite often. I figure it’ll be a good place to blurt out some quick updates and announcements that don’t necessarily merit a whole new blog entry. Plus, if you’re already on this new fangled facebook internet site, then it should help to keep you current on the latest posts and discussion happening over here at The Lodge.

As an added incentive, if I reach 100 likes today I’ll add another Nightsaber Cub loot code for the giveaway tomorrow. If the Huntsman’s Lodge page reaches 200 likes by tomorrow morning, then I’ll throw a Purple Puffer pet into the mix as well.

So tell your friends, guildies, drinkin’ buddies, aunts, uncles, congressmen…

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