BM Pet Buffs on the PTR

Blizz slid in a couple of buffs to BM AoE on the latest Patch 4.3 PTR Build. Chimaeras and Worms have had both of their AoE abilities buffed with about 20% increased damage, with a slightly larger area of effect.

Hunter Pets

  • Froststorm Breath (Chimaera) now deals [205 + 11.52% of Ranged AP] Froststorm damage, up from [170 + 9.6% of RAP]. Now affects all enemies within 12 yards, up from 7 yards.
  • Burrow Attack (Worm) now deals [1640 + 92.16% of Ranged AP] Nature damage, up from [1432 + 76.8% of RAP].

3 thoughts on “BM Pet Buffs on the PTR”

  1. Yeah, I tend to just combine BW/Fervor with Multi-shot when I need to AoE. Although I have both a worm and a chimaera in the stable.

  2. too bad i dont use either of those abilities, they just dont really help.
    the burrow attack drops threat, and i dont use the chimera


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