What do I do when my server is down?

This is entry #17 in the 30 days of WarCraft series of articles.

What do I do when my server is down..? Ummm… sleep… work… read… exercise… things like that.

Server maintenance has zero effect on my playing time, and it’s rare that my server is ever down for reasons beyond that — at least that I’ve seen.

However, back in the early days – before I got a handle on my addiction, server downtime would frustrate me to no end. I’d be sitting their trying to satiate my WoW jones… making repeated attempts to login, then cursing Blizzard for charging me a monthly subscription for this torment.

Anyone remember the login queues..? Thank goodness those days are gone.

As most of you can attest… the first six months spent in Azeroth are the best. When you’re still discovering the world and all it has to offer, you’re totally engaged. Once free time permits, it’s off to Azeroth..!

Then… once the newness wears off and you start to become aware of the perpetual grind, and the fact that you’ve spent entirely too much time in a ‘virtual world’, things like server downtime become more bearable. 😉

If it weren’t for server downtime, it’s doubtful some of the players on my realm would even sleep..! Server downtime is healthy. 🙂

6 thoughts on “What do I do when my server is down?”

  1. Most times I’m either working or having to run errands for the wife during maintenance time. It used to be I would go play a different game. Used to be Lord of the Rings Online, but I had to drop it because I couldn’t afford two subscriptions. (This was before LotRO went to free play).

  2. I’m at work when the servers are down so I never even notice. What DOES frustrate me, though, is when I end up with a day off on a Tuesday and, looking forward to a massive dose of WoW, I remember that servers go down on Tuesday. I HATE when that happens!

    • Lol, I know what you mean.

      These days I play almost exclusively in the AM, where as before, I always used to get my WoW fix late at night. I typically only play 2-4 hours/week, across maybe 2-3 days. This past week Tuesday looked really available for me, but guess what… I forgot… server maintenance!

      Oh well…


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