This should be interesting

I saw this feature over at Grumble ‘n’ Autumn and decided I want to join in on the fun too! 😀

I’m not wanting to steal anyone’s thunder here, but I thought this would be an entertaining column, not to mention it’s something all of us have stories about. These posts should make for some great discussion. Plus, it gives me an easy topic to blog about each day!

I’ll try to have a new one up daily. If I can post a new article for 30 days straight, perhaps someone out there can send me some cookies..? 😀

30 Days of WarCraft

Day 1 – When did you first start playing?
Day 2 – Favorite class and why?
Day 3 – Favorite race and why?
Day 4 – Meaning/Significance behind your character’s name?
Day 5 – Who do you play with?
Day 6 – Favorite dungeon and why?
Day 7 – Least favorite dungeon and why?
Day 8 – Favorite guild name(s) you’ve come across?
Day 9 – What are your favorite zones? (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)
Day 10 – Your favorite Warcraft quote from a boss.
Day 11 – Favorite WoW holiday (e.g Brewfest, Childrens week)
Day 12 – Suggest any idea for Blizzard that they could put in the game.
Day 13 – Which faction are you “for”?
Day 14 – Healer, tank or dps?
Day 15 – Favorite Battleground and why?
Day 16 – A class you’re awful at playing.
Day 17 – What do you do when the server’s down?!
Day 18 – Favorite Emote and the best situation to use it in.
Day 19 – PVP or PVE?
Day 20 – Which race/class combination are you most like IRL?
Day 21 – Post your favorite screenshot.
Day 22 – Post your favorite glitch screenshot.
Day 23 – Name a funny memory (in game)
Day 24 – Favorite WoW term?
Day 25 – Favorite pet? (combat and/or non-combat)
Day 26 – Favorite NPC?
Day 27 – Favorite WoW related Youtube video?
Day 28 – Best thing about WoW?
Day 29 – Worst thing about WoW?
Day 30 – Where would you be now if World of Warcraft never existed?

4 thoughts on “This should be interesting”

    • Do it! That was the reason for it at Grumble ‘n’ Autumn. I think that writing about these topics is a great way to get the bug back.

      I’ll look forward to reading your 30 days of Warcraft. 🙂


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