My First Heroic in WotLK and Now Naxxramas Tonight!

Last night I completed my first ever Heroic Dungeon in Wrath of the Lich King. In fact, the only new instances I’ve been in are The Nexus, Utgarde Pinnacle, Gundrak and one time I joined a Malygos 10 man. I don’t do too many dungeons these days as you can see, because most of my guild is ready to log by the time I can begin an instance, which is around 11pm-12am server time.

I typically only like to PuG if the group consists of at least 2 of my guildies. I’ve had some excellent random groups in the past, but I’ve had some equally miserable ones as well. So, I’ve left the instances alone and have just been mainly queueing for battlegrounds & some casual arena, taming & leveling pets, helping my wife level her 76 Rogue, and doing the occasional daily on Garwulf.

Last night I received a tell from one of my guildies asking if I wanted to come finish Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. 9 times out of 10 I would have turned it down, but she caught me in the right mood, plus she’s a sweetie and I couldn’t refuse. We sailed through the last 2 bosses and I had a blast. I ended up continuing with the group into Heroic Gundrak for the daily. I ended the night with 9 Emblems of Heroism and 2 new pieces of gear.

I won the Meteroite Whetstone from King Ymiron and Helmet of the Shrine (I know… expertise, wtf? It’s for my melee set… yeah, that’s it) from Eck the Ferociuos. The helmet is actually the best PvE helm I have at the moment, even with the useless expertise on it. I’m just wondering if pet’s expertise scales at all with a Hunter’s. I’m thinking no, but that’d make it almost useful if it did. Regardless, I slapped an Arcanum of Torment on it and threw in a Chaotic Skyflare Diamond and Rigid Autumn’s Glow. Having the gem slots in that helm helps me a lot. My hit rating needs some love for sure.

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