Hunter PvP Basics: PvP Targeting

To target enemies in PvP, you basically have three options…

  • The Mouse – This is the most efficient way to target enemy players, but it can be cumbersome at times – especially if you’re constantly using your mouse for movement, as I do.¬†Obviously, if you use your keyboard to move, then mouse-targeting won’t be as much of an issue. However, using anything but the mouse to steer your character is very ill-advised, especially for a hunter. Hunters need to be able to turn and move quickly, and execute jump-shots — you just can’t operate your hunter properly if you’re using your keyboard to turn and move.
  • The Tab Key – Tab can be OK for targeting enemies, but if you have to spend too much time cycling through player pets, totems, etc… then this can be a real problem.
  • Macros – Next to mouse targeting, macros are the most effective for targeting enemy players. The only problem… macros are only so smart. You can write them to target specific players, but they can only do so much. For example, you can’t program a macro to target only healers, or those that are the lowest on health. Macros are pretty limited in terms of target selection, but they can allow for the fastest targeting and target switch commands.

The following article is designed to help hunters improve their targeting efficiency in PvP, by offering a few examples on how you can make your targeting a little smoother and easier.

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