Oozeworm the rare spawn worm

Time to add another notch to the ol’ belt of rare spawn taming conquests. 😉

As I ‘d mentioned last week, I planned on grabbing Grubthor again since my 5th stable slot wasn’t being occupied by a Worgen any longer. Well, after 5-6 patrols of Silithus and still no sign of him, I figured I’d fly over to Dustwallow and see if this guy was around. According to the official World of Warcraft Atlas, Oozeworm is one of the rarest pets in the game with a respawn timer of up to two days.

Knowing how rare he was, I didn’t really expect to find him. There were also half a dozen players questing in the area as well, which made the likelihood of finding him even less. I flew into Mudsprocket then rode past two of his spawn areas with no sight of him, until I came to the third one by the Dragonkin camp – that’s when NPCScan did it’s thing.

He’s fairly easy to miss because although he’s the only worm in the area, he doesn’t really stand out. He’s not a vibrant color, nor is he big like the worms in Silithus or Maraudon.

While it wasn’t nearly as exciting as taming say… Loque’nahak or King Krush, it was still pretty cool. It’s always fun for me to tame a pet I haven’t ever tamed before.

So what does the rare worm in Dustwallow have to do with Grubthor, the rare worm in Silithus? They’re the only two worms in the game with a golden skin. There is a third worm model like this in the game, but it’s in Ahn’Qiraj and it cannot be tamed.

Most BM Hunters will go for a Jormungar in Northrend because they’re already level 80 and the skin is more sophisticated looking. Not me though… I like the nostalgia of the old world models, plus it’s fun to be the only Hunter on my server running around with a giant yellow inchworm. Of course, unlike one of the more attractive and uncommon pets like my Grimtotem Spirit Guide or King Krush, no one has ever said, “Oh wow… where did you get that worm..?! I gotta have one!” 😐 Still, he’s unique, old school and extremely uncommon, so that’s why I chose this particular model for my worm pet.

Ah… but now I have to level him to 80… Nope! Already did it. It was pretty quick and painless too. Since my favorite pet leveling spot has now become overrun by Hunter, Death Knight and Warlock bots, I’ve had to find new ones. It’s pretty absurd actually. When I first discovered the spot there was one Warlock bot there. A few months later and now there are five regularly farming the area.

After trying out a few different places in the Storm Peaks, I happened upon this one…

Pet leveling location in the Storm Peaks

This cave is near the Harpies in Bor’s Breath right by one of the places where the Time Lost Proto Drake supposedly spawns. It’s full of Iron Dwarves who go down like chumps and drop Relics of Ulduar like candy. Within two nights of grinding in here, I had Oozeworm up to level 80 and was able to send my level 73 Death Knight 288 relics to give him a head start on the shoulder enchants once he hits 80.

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the five level grind from 75 to 80. It’s a nice therapeutic break from everything, plus I usually make a considerable amount of gold in the process. For me it seems like a breeze anyway, having leveled many a pet back in the old days way before the new system of having newly tamed pets only five levels below you.

Did I ever tell you about the time I tamed Humar when I was level 60…

7 thoughts on “Oozeworm”

  1. So many people have forgotten the joys of the classic pets, but I do have a people ask from time to time, “Where did you get that pet, I haven’t seen it before?”. I think that has happened because of all the new tamable pets we have to chose from and expanded stables 🙂 Purposely omitting the fact that some zones dont get used because people level past them 🙁
    I will keep my golden worm, but I do plan to tame Rattlebore as well.
    Thank you !

  2. @ Jason

    I forgot about that place! I’ve mainly been grinding in Storm Peaks though because of the relics. That spot you mention is good though for power-leveling.

  3. Go to the cauldrons in Icecrown just west of shadow vault. the spawn rates on the npc’s are just stupid. and they drop shit loads of cloth and other greens. try it out. trust me

  4. I remember when you first talk about Oozeworm, so I tame one at thats days,do you remember??? I talk to you about… Well gratz for the tame too =)

    Now I have: Nuramoc,Loque’nahak,Oozeworm, Ghost Saber and Sapphire Hive Wasp

    I need more slots =)

  5. I think I found my BRK fix. Love the blog man, it’s really awesome. I was working on setting up macros for my hunter. Thought about writing a blog about it. Can I link your post instead?


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