Know Your Role

DrackmireSometimes I still wonder how WoW might be different for me if I had chosen another class. If I were a tank or healer I would never have a problem getting groups, that’s for sure. With the implementation of WotLK, there has been a much stronger reliance on DPS in boss fights. I actually find it kind of satisfying every time I see someone spam “LFM DPS Ulduar 25”. Suffice it to say, long gone are the days of sitting in trade for hours LFG for anything. We are DPS, but what separates us from the rest of the DPS classes and hybrids in the game?

Hunters are one of 4 pure DPS classes in the game. The rogue, mage, and warlock are the other three. What makes us different? What makes us unique and fun to play? For starters, we are the only ranged physical damage class of the 4. Secondly, we have the best threat redirection and reduction abilities. With Misdirection, Distracting Shot, and Feign Death we can control mobs like no other class. The ability to completely drop threat every 30 seconds for minimal mana means we can always pour on our heaviest damage and never gain threat over a tank. Even today, I still have the “WTF?” moment when the boss decides to turn on me, only to realize that the tank actually died and thankfully I didn’t get us wiped. Even if I had pulled threat, it means I forgot to Feign Death and if I am quick I can still mitigate my mistake. Show me another class that can do that consistently.

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