My Favorite Battleground

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My favorite battleground..? I’m gonna have to go with Warsong Gulch.

I’ve competed in that battleground thousands of times, and still, it never gets old for me. I love that the objective is so straightforward, the map relatively small, yet strategy is so crucial.

Some of my most treasured WoW memories involved competing in scheduled and ranked level 10-19 Warsong Gulch premades. Those were arguably some of the most epic PvP battles I’ve ever been a part of. Also, this was back before Warsong Gulch had a timer. Back then, the games lasted until one side captured three flags. It was not unusual to have some of those battles go on for 2 hours or more.

I love Warsong Gulch because it’s an in-your-face-slugfest. The teams are small so there’s less chaos, and more opportunity for micro-battles and mini rivalries. It’s also a great BG for hunters because we get to really utilize all of our crowd control abilities.

Warsong Gulch is my favorite BG. Which BG(s) do you guys like?

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Battleground”

  1. My all-time favorite BG is Alterac Valley. I loved it before it changed, and I still love it these days. It just feels so much more epic than any other BG.

    My least favorite BG is Warsong Gulch, by a mile, and it’s because of this (I quote myself from a thread on MMO-Champion):

    “I cannot for the life of me understand what people see in Warsong Gulch. It just blows my mind. Let me break down what my experience is like in that particular BG:

    – 1/10 times you’ll get a group that actually wants to win. They stick together, defend the flag carrier, and defend the base. Most of them seem to be capable of operating with something resembling coordination. You’ll probably win this BG.

    – 3/10 times you’ll get a group that looks like it wants to win. They stick together long enough to capture the opposition flag, but lose all sense of cohesion once they spot the other team coming across midfield. From then on out there’s a bunch of shouting/QQing in battleground chat, a few people try to mount an offense or defense, but for the most part it’s chaos. You might win this BG.

    – 2/10 times you’ll get a group that just wants to farm honor. They put up no facade about actually caring whether they win or lose, but hey–at least they manage to kill that sneaky druid trying to make off with your flag most of time. Depending on the other team’s level of fail, you might actually sneak by with a win–it’s unlikely though.

    – 4/10 times you’ll get a group that’s 1.) Made up of 7 Hunters but no healers or 2.) Still has fishing poles equipped. You could waste your breath screaming about how bad they suck, but nobody would hear you since they’re all AFK anyway. It’s just best that you leave this BG.”

  2. Arathi Basin is my favorite. I love defending a flag with someone, hiding in a bush or something and sniping the attackers when they show up. I’ve logged many hours into this battleground. It’s where it first dawned on me that Hunters should never be at the front of the pack, but following behind or hiding amongst the crowd. Also I love parachuting off Lumbermill or down into Goldmine and shooting people as I fall.

    • Oh man… parachuting down to the gold mine is the best. I love doing that on my dwarf.

      Jumping + last minute Disengage is also a blast. Often times I’ll send my pet down to attack until I’m put in combat, then jump + disengage and become an express elevator of pain. That’s really fun too, apart from the times I forget that Disengage is still on cooldown. 🙄

  3. Does WG count as a BG? If it does, then WG is my favorite, hands down. It was my first real forray into BGs and I picked Gar’s brain for advice to improve my “skills” (my “skills” being how to be the most annoying pain in the a$$ to the other side, focusing less on melting face and more on causing chaos).

    I loved it.


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