Who do I play WoW with?

This is my 5th entry in theΒ 30 days of WarCraft series of articles.

Who do I play with..? My pets, primarily.

I don’t have anyone that I normally play WoW with. All of my play is pretty much solo.

Actually, I take that back. Lately I’ve been playing with my 4 year old. He likes to sit on my lap and spam the attack buttons while I maneuver around. πŸ˜‰

Over the years, however, there was a cast of players that I would play with…

For the first few years of WoW, I played with my wife a fair amount, until she finally left the game for good.

I’ve had a few arena partners over the years — most of which I played with on a weekly basis, for months at a time.

I have a 19 hunter that is in a once very active twink guild. For around a year or so or so, during the first part of TBC, I Played with those guys A LOT.

Once I finally dismissed the idea that raiding was just too hardcore for my tastes and started hitting Karazhan with my guild, I got bit by the raiding bug. I ended up raiding with my guild somewhat regularly for the next couple of years after that.

But finally, about a year ago, I pretty much gave up all scheduled or organized play. Nowadays I just log on and play with myself… and maybe run a BG or two, or three, and perhaps an occasional heroic. Nyuk, Nyuk. πŸ˜‰

My life isn’t all that flexible in terms of any sort of structured play time, so I’ve all but become a lone wulf. I hope to change that though… I do miss the joy that comes from besting challenges with a group. I’d really like to start doing some rated battlegrounds, and the WHU guild events look like they could be pretty fun. πŸ™‚

So, how ’bout you..? Who do you play with?

6 thoughts on “Who do I play WoW with?”

  1. I play a lot by myself, but I do have a small group of online friends (4) that do some together. Most of us are altaholics so we can change up to various makeups to give us some variety. We really have fun together, doesn’t matter if its multiple wipes, successes, we laugh at ourselves, at each other, dust ourselves off and go again.

  2. Solo. (Although I sometimes take my 4 year old on a Sholazar Basin – Icecrown – Storm Peaks flight. He absolutely loves it. Saves me some gas money too.)

    My last couple of guilds were a disaster healthwise. Raids were 10PM-2AM and people went hardcore after a while. I left and I’m quite happy right now. I’m in my second camping mode but I intend to join guild runs soon!

    (lawman, I’m in WHU too! Whisper Arquebus if ever.)

  3. Primarily solo. I play WoW when I’m not too tired from work and just want to kind of goof off. Raiding and Heroics and stuff like that are too much like work for me (even with guildies), so I mostly do other stuff. Been working on Loremaster lately.

  4. I, too, play primarily by myself. I tanked in BC and LK but with the advent of asshattery in Cata I said “screw this” and started to level a Gnome of each class. I have met various friends in-game and I quest with them (dailies primarily) when the opportunity presents itself. I used to play a TON with my nephews but then they went to college and have been crushed by their studies. My 9 year old daughters have started asking about the game and they each have a hunter that they’ve leveled to 4 by themselves.

    Oh, I also roll with the WHU. That $hit is FUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!

  5. I’m usually solo when doing dailies, farming reputation or farming mats. Instance runs I some times do random pick up groups, but usually try to find a guild group that is running. I only raid with the guild I’m in, to much drama if you’re not with friends. PvP I like to team up with a guildie (Forsaken Warlock) and hit battlegrounds. I do some solo play in bgs as well when he’s not available.

  6. Well, now, I pretty much play by myself. Of course, I’m usually online at the same time as guildies and a few Real ID friends from other servers, so it’s fun to chat. When I started playing WoW I almost exclusively played with a friend but as time has gone by we’ve gone separate ways so that we don’t really play *together* anymore, though we both still play.


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