New Shinies

Now that I’m hooked on running Heroics, I managed to get a couple new items over the past few nights. First was the Incisor Fragment from King Dred in Heroic Drak’Tharon Keep, and the second item was Pendant of the Outcast Hero which I purchased with the Emblems of Heroism I’d amassed in the past week. The new neck was a pretty decent PvE upgrade over my Hateful Gladiator’s Pendant of Triumph, giving me an additional 45 AP and a decent amount of crit.

Loken in Halls of LightningThe trinket will be something interesting to play around with. I used it last night in two Heroic Dungeons, The Culling of Stratholme and Halls of Lightning, and it seemed to give me some pretty big numbers when I did. Tonight in Naxxramas I’m going to equip my Giantmaim pieces along with this and see how it goes. Another thing I’m toying around with is binding this trinket to Aspect of The Beast when using the Devilsaur. It seems like stacking Armor Penetration, casting Bestial Wrath, and Kill Command while popping this trinket, plus the added melee damage of Monstrous Bite would make for some Dino-style ass whoopin’.

What I could really use is a Hit Rating trinket. Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood would be ideal until I could find something better. Maybe I can scare up some guildies to run Heroic Nexus after the Naxxramas raid. 😀

Well, here’s to hoping that the Four Horseman feel like giving me their Claymore of Ancient Power tonight. 🙂

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