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As many of you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA for nearly two months. Apart from keeping the lights on around here, I’ve been pretty much unplugged from the world of Azeroth.

Last night I decided to begin my slow return, so I updated all of my addons, downloaded the new patch, then logged in for a few seconds to to see what sort of state I had left myself in. I had a bit more gold on me than I’d remembered, so that was a pleasant surprise. 🙂 Also, my UI wasn’t broken as a result of 4.1, so that was good news as well.

Anyway… as you can imagine, I’m quite behind in terms of what’s been happening in the world of Azeroth, and most importantly, what sort of changes my beloved class has undergone.

I know that pets are now auto-leveling to the hunter’s level once tamed. That’s a nice change.

Pets no longer utilize happiness as a game mechanic. This one I knew about, as it was one of the last updates I caught before I took my WoW sabbatical. My previous comments were somewhat critical of the change, but I suppose it’s a good thing. One less thing to worry about, right?

Multi-Shot’s been buffed. What’s not to like about this..?! 😀

The one I’m probably most excited about is the change to Deterrence…

  • Deterrence no longer requires a melee weapon to be equipped.

That’s good news for us PvP’ers. 🙂

Alright… so since I have so much to catch up on, how ’bout you guys fill me in on the important stuff. For 2 1/2 years I’ve been keeping you guys informed and up-to-date. Now I’m asking you for a little help. 🙂

What are some of things that have you excited about 4.1, as well as what’s coming in 4.2?

I just glanced over some of the 4.2 stuff today. Lava Spiders..?! WTF..?! Those things are awesome. And are those Fire Hawks going to be tamable..?

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  1. Takaas, if you get Exalted with Warsong Outriders coupled with your world 1st Chicken Exalted I think we should start a petition to have Blizzard dub you ‘Exalted of the Exalted of the Exalted’ Your title would be “Triple X Takaas”

  2. I’m currently widdling away at getting Exalted with Warsong Outriders. It take FOREVER! Especially since Horde sucks at WSG where I’m at and you only get rep for your team capturing the flags. I’m also only about 2500 honor kills away from 100,000 Honor Kills achievement. I think “Takaas of the Horde” sounds pretty spiffy, dont you?

    • Good luck on that one Takaas. I’m pretty close myself, and yes, it takes a looong time to become exalted with WSG.

      Takaas of the Horde does have a nice ring to it.

  3. Gar!!!!! Welcome Back!

    No update from me other than I have the giggles @ Agio post and have completely forgotten what I am supposed to be doing.

  4. Well Gar, I’m not one to gossip BUT here’s what I’ve heard so far since the patch…

    Drach accidentally trapped himself in a freezing trap trying out a new macro and is doin a Hans Solo thing until Blizz can unfreeze him.

    Anj tamed himself.

    CrimsonGeezer has changed his name to ScarletSenior and now sports a walker instead of a 2 hander.

    Takaas somehow found a way to gain exalted with The Cataclysmic Chickens of Mt Hyjal and is currently the only player in WoW to hold both ‘The Exalted’ and ‘Exalted Poultry’ Titles.

    lawman30 has lost all enthusiasm for the game. A sad turn of events that.

    Niika had triplets and all of the triplets had matching beautiful booties so it’s a given the daddy is a very sharp dresser. No, it’s not me .

    And finally my record for Culling of Stratholme Heroic solo for that idiotic drake is CoS-12 Me-0

  5. Welcome back, Gar!

    From a changes standpoint, I’m not sure what I can offer other than to say the buff to Multi-Shot now makes all three specs even more balanced than ever before. I’d say SV is still ahead but by a slighter margin than before.

    I don’t do a lot of PvP, though BM is still my off-spec and I’d like to learn how to play it more effectively. I’m primarily raiding as SV and if you have any raid-specific questions I may be able to lend some advice based on limited experience.

  6. Leave it to my brother from another mother to be as jacked up as I am about the potential to tame more fiery, bada$$ looking pets!! Good to see that despite your long layoff, you still give gettin’ your tame on its proper level of importance! XD

    Another noteworthy change (imho) includes the change to the Winterspring Frostsaber grind putting it in line with the Horde raptor chain from Un’Goro. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and get one of the most BICHIN lookin’ mounts in the game for just 20 days worth of a little bit of your time!

    P.S. The first perso I thought would be pumped about the Deterrence change was you, dude. Have fun with it, bro!

  7. Welcome back! I was also “gone” for 5 weeks and I’m returning to my hunter self a bit at a time.

    (I have an article submission for you which explains everything :))


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