We Have Some Winnahs!

A few hours ago I selected the winners for the Zygor Guides contest. During my highly complex & scientific, yet random selection process… two entries resulted in a draw, so there were actually six winners!

I’ve notified Zygor Guides of the winners, as well as the winners themselves. So, if you were one of the lucky half-dozen, expect to see a golden ticket in your inbox soon. As soon as I get the winner’s guide of choice selections back, I’ll forward the details to Zygor Guides and you guys will be on the fast track to leveling mania, or getting rich via dailies, which ever you decide.

A list of the winners has been included at the bottom of the review I posted last week. Click here to see if you may be among them…

Woo Hoo..! Aren’t contests fun..?! 😀

I really need to host these more often. Now to find some more sponsors…

14 thoughts on “We Have Some Winnahs!”

  1. I made decent progress on my priest with the guide over the weekend. I especially like how it tells you what to do just short of saying “hey dingbat” before every sentence. It does have a tendency to say “go up the hill” when it might really down a hill. I walked up a hill and straight into enemy territory.

  2. w00t I never win stuff thanks Gar! so far my baby rogue is in his early 50’s started today at level 34 so far I am liking the guide

  3. You know, Razer seems to be getting more and more interested in gamers these days. It might be worth a shot to ask them if they would be willing to donate a bit of swag, T-shirts, lanyards, etc; in exchange for getting their name out. I know I’m a huge fan of their stuff and would happily endorse them.

    • Razer Orochi user here. Though I’m not sure if it directly influences the appearance of Sambas. I’d like to think it does… “Razer: raizes the chances of rare spawnz.”

      • Maybe I can have them toss me a few of these for some lucky winners to try out. 🙂


        I’d need a personal test model for review as well. 😉

        That thing’s pretty badass, but it doesn’t have enough keys for a hunter! Of course… were Razer to let me try one, I could see how intuitive and adaptable they are for huntering. 😉

        • I would cut off an appendage or two for the Switchblade 🙂

          But Razer does kewl stuff like throw extras in packages and all that shtuff. It also seems like they are trying to bring the whole sponsorship gig to MLG. I’d be willing to bet you could get a sticker or two out of the deal 😉

        • The cool thing is, they’re featuring mostly hunter action bars in the video!

          As for the button issue, the Razer Naga should fill in nicely.


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