Garwulf of the Alliance

Update: This post is an example of me being guilty of a BUI (blogging under the influence). It’s playful in nature, so I’ll leave it unedited, but here are a few additional thoughts and clarifications from the following afternoon…

Just so you know… I do think this is a pretty cool achievement. I’m pretty apathetic towards WoW achievements for the most part, but this one feels pretty cool. Not to mention, less than 5% of players worldwide have it. 🙂

My self-deprecating remark stemmed from the fact that an achievement such as this one is earned solely based upon an investment of time, rather than through supreme skill. Then again, most of the achievements are that way, which is why I don’t bother with them. However, 100K Honor Kills is something I never tried for — it just happened. And being that it’s the result of 5 years of huntering in BGs, I guess you could say I’m not a complete loser. 😉

As for my mention of a BM PvP guide… this is in fact near the top of my to-do list, I just can’t say that it will be something I’ll get to within the next few days. I am pretty overburdened right now, which is why I’ve not been posting much lately – both on the blog and in the forums. As soon as I get some time though, you can bet that this topic will be one of the first things I address.

As I’ve always stated, I don’t claim to be a PvP guru, but I do consider myself pretty adept. My goal with PvP, and WoW in general, is simply to have fun. I don’t strive to be leet or to be the best, I just want to enjoy myself. That said, I know there are some bits of advice I can offer which will help other players who want to have more success with their hunter(s) in BGs. 🙂

My remarks about being an ass-kicker are mostly true, but I said them in total jest. I am definitely not full of myself when it comes to anything about this game, so don’t the wrong impression there. However, a little cockiness is good – especially for a WoW blogger. 😉

And by the way… 10 points for this achievement… WTF Blizz..?!

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Original Post:

I was hoping for a much more heroic screenshot, but honestly… does it matter..?

Garwulf of the Alliance

Tonight I cemented my place within the annals of loser-history hunter-glory… I have achieved 100,000 honor kills..!

Yay Me!

BM PvP Guide coming soon by the way…

If you want to experience fun on the field of battle… as a hunter… I will show you.

I have kicked many an ass.

If ass-kicking & huntering is what you so desire, then so be it… I will instruct you on how to kick the ass of the other player.

BM Hunter Ass-Kicking Guide Coming Soon…

How about I call it…

The Beastly-Ass Beast Mastery Hunter Ass-Kicking Guide of Death

I like that.

Truth be told… there are probably just a few lessons you need to learn in order to further your enjoyment of BGs, and to get the better of your adversaries. I wil help you with that.

The sky is not falling. Hunters are quite fine in PvP. When I say PvP, I mean BGs. I haven’t done any arena lately. That may be a horse of a different color.

I must sleep now. Zzzz….

11 thoughts on “Garwulf of the Alliance”

  1. Great.. that’s all we need. ANOTHER alliance hunter with an ego complex 😉 hehe

    congrats on the achievement. I’m only.. oh about 100000 behind you.. to quote a recent “super hero” movie I’m not so much Kick Ass as Ass Kicked 😉

    As a BM hunter to the core I would love a PVP guide. As I’ve come to expect good things from you I know that if/when it arrives it will be well worth the read!

    Beowulf (no relation!)
    Brynhildur : Lightbringer : EU

    • Don’t forget that those achievements aqre cumulative. You got 10 points for 100000, but you probably got 10 points for the earlier milestones.

  2. Gratz man!!! 🙂 I recently got my 10k, so have awhile to go before catching up to you – but I plan on getting there ^^ And yeah wtf, 10 points?!! Surely something like that should should be worth a gazillion points.

  3. MY MAN GAR!
    Bro what ya gotta remeber is that anyone who might have REMOTELY taken your original post as a dose of attitude doesn’t read you enough to know you so don’t sweat it, brudda!

  4. Gar,

    Very excited about the BM PvP guide. And I agree, hunters are still pretty good in BG, although I have to say I dont feel quite as powerful in the BGs as I used to. But overall no complaints..then again I dont arena so who knows.


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