Ruby Sanctum Hunter Loot Preview

Ruby Sanctum Hunter Loot

06/24/10 – Ruby Sanctum Loot Table Update: Post updated with announced heroic loot. Scroll down to see the goodness. 🙂

Here’s a look at some of the hunter loot that will be dropping in Ruby Sanctum. Although patch 3.3.5 is scheduled to go live this week, Ruby Sanctum is not. The instance will be included in the patch, but it won’t be available until a later date. Blizzard is delaying the release of Patch 3.3.5 outside of North America, which means they won’t be allowing access to the instance until all realms worldwide are ready to go live with it.

Anyway, here’s a look at some of the sweet hunter loot dropping soon in a Ruby Sanctum near you…

25 Man Ruby Sanctum – ilvl 271 Hunter Loot

Returning Footfalls (Boots)

Returning Footfalls Hunter Boots

These boots are basically Rock-Steady Treads V. 2.0. For those of you who can’t afford to craft the aforementioned boots, well… you’re in luck because these are free, provided you’re lucky enough to win the roll. 😉

The itemization is practically identical to that of the Rock-Steady treads, but just a little bit better. Also, you get a yellow socket in these bad boys, in place of the blue one on the Rock-Steady Treads. All in all, a slightly better pair of kicks.

The Returning Footfalls and their heroic upgrade will be on the short list of BiS hunter boots. Here’s how they compare to two other pairs of end-game hunter boots:

Comparison of: Returning Footfalls / Rock-Steady Treads / Taldron’s Long Neglected Boots

Returning Footfalls Hunter Boots from Ruby Sanctum

I’m thinking they’ll probably be a little easier to obtain than Taldron’s, making the Returning Footfalls a pretty popular upgrade.

Signet of Twilight (Ring)

Signet of Twilight Hunter Ring

This is a fantastic ring, provided you can use the hit rating. The stat weights resemble that of the Ashen Verdict rep reward rings, just without the attack power proc.

Sharpened Twilight Scale (Trinket)

This trinket will probably be on the wish list of most every physical DPS class. This is indeed, a very sexy trinket. Apart from the regular version of Whsipering Fanged Skull, I’ve had no luck with trinkets. I’ll be battling a lot of people for STS, including pretty much every hunter, but the Sharpened Twilight Scale is no doubt going to be the item I’ll be gunning for in Ruby Sanctum.

This thing is hot stuff and should be on every hunter’s wish list – especially Marksmanship hunters, due to the oh-so-nice 163 armor penetration. 😀

25 Man Ruby Sanctum Heroic – ilvl 284 Hunter Loot

The heroic drops from Ruby Sanctum were announced today, so here’s a preview of the heroic version of the tasty hunter loot that awaits…

Returning Footfalls Heroic

Retruning Footfall Heroic - Best in Slot Hunter Boots


Not sure how many of you will see these anytime soon, but the Heroic Returning Footfalls are going to be without a doubt, the best-in-slot boots available for hunters. The premium italian leather version of Rock Steady Treads, complete with air cushioned heel and instep. 😉

Signet of Twilight

Signet of Twilight Heroic - Hunter Ring

The Tiffany version of the regular Signet of Twilight. As I’d said… if you need the hit, this will be the ring to get. Stats aplenty.

Sharpened Twilight Scale

Sharpened Twilight Scale Heroic - Hunter Trinket

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… Sharpened Twilight Scale to the 2nd power. Doubt I’ll ever see this one, but hey… one can dream, right..? 🙂

10 Man Ruby Sanctum – ilvl 258 Hunter Loot

Twilight Scale Shoulders

Twilight Scale Shoulders from 10 Man Ruby Sanctum

I don’t recall seeing these on the previous patch updates, but it looks as if they’ve added some hunter shoulders to the 10 man Ruby Sanctum loot table. Although they aren’t quite as well itemized as the T10, they’re still a pretty nice drop for anyone who’s not been able to grind out the emblems for the tier spaulders. Min/maxers will likely pass on these due to the haste, but they’ll be a decent upgrade for many.

10 Man Ruby Sanctum – ilvl 271 Hunter Loot

Twilight Scale Shoulders Heroic

Twilight Scale Shoulders Heroic - Hunter Shoulders

These are really nice shoulders. I’m not certain how difficult 10 man Heroic Ruby Sanctum will prove to be, but these would be a really nice pair of shoulders going into Cataclysm. Haste may not be the bee’s knees right now, but later on this year you won’t be able to stack enough of it. Any high ilvl gear with +haste will be nice to have for churning out those first few levels in Cataclysm.

So there ya have it… a look at some of the items you should have your fingers crossed for, once Ruby Sanctum goes live.

Now… to get you prepped for this fight and ensure that you contribute all you can to your raid, here’s a how-to video by world class hunter, Kripparian.

I highly recommend you watch this, because as we all know, the easiest and most efficient way to increase our DPS in boss fights is through preparedness. 😉


Kripparian’s How-To Video for Halion / Ruby Sanctum

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