I’m weeping as I type this…

News has just reached me of Ronnie James Dio’s passing this morning.

This comes as such a shock to me, since last I’d read he seemed to be doing quite well in his ongoing battle with stomach cancer. He and those close to him appeared quite optimistic about his eventual slaying of the dragon, in addition to his return to the stage.

Along with legions of other fans, I am mourning this loss heavily. I had the privilege of meeting and talking with Ronnie a few years back. He was a very genuine human being, and one of the nicest and most gracious celebrities I’ve ever met.

DIO – “Don’t Talk to Strangers: Live”

I apologize for using this public forum for a non WoW-related post, but this loss hits me deep down.

A true legend has passed on today.

My heart goes out to his family and I hope they find some peace in all of this. Losing a loved one to cancer is one of the greatest personal tragedies we can endure, but knowing that they’ve received a blessed release from their suffering is something in which we can find comfort.

Go catch the rainbow my friend…

6 thoughts on “I’m weeping as I type this…”

  1. This is the passing of an era…I grew up on his music…Holy Diver My friend “you go to heaven for the view and Hell for the company” I’ll see ya when I get there.

  2. Ronnie James Dio was a legend. Plain and simple. The most amazing voice, a larger than life stage persona and someone that gave respect and demanded it back. He (rarely) sunk to profanity to get his point across and conducted his concerts like it was a Shakespearean play, pure class all the way. He proved a thousand times over that he could lay down his vocals just as compelling and captivating on the live stage as he could on the record, a rare thing especially these days. A class act, and a master vocalist. He once sang “Heaven Can Wait” and I suppose it could not wait anymore…

  3. If by pop, you mean heavy-melodic, then I agree. Dio had some pop roots, but he was a rocker through and through. The man revolutionized hard rock vocals and set a standard of excellence that is unparalleled in my opinion.

    Dio was a master of melody with a voice that knew no bounds. His singing was honest, pure, and beautiful, yet incredibly powerful and commanding at the same time. Dio had these amazing intangibles that just can’t be taught.

    The only two rock singers that I believe to even be in the same league are Rob Halford and the late, great Freddie Mercury.

    • Absolutely, Gar. I can rock pretty hard, but it has to have a melody. His voice could hit the high notes and still sound smooth. I agree with you about Freddie and Rob.

  4. He was the true pioneer of the pop metal genre. Unlike the noise they try to pass off today as “metal”, you could listen to his stuff for hours and actually understand the lyrics. He will be sorely missed.

    RIP Dio. |nn|


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