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Misty Darkshore screenshot memories

Of the way we were…

I got to feeling a little sentimental tonight and figured I’d share some old school Gar with y’all. I wasn’t very screenshot happy during my early playing days, but here are a few from the archives that you might enjoy…

Stock UI

My first ever WoW screenshot. I felt very proud at this moment, having ventured out upon the bowsprit of the boat from Darkshore. I was also into my twenties and feeling very capable. Sadly though… Delilah, my Moonstalker Runt and first pet, was eventually kicked to the curb in favor of Broken Tooth. Her only trace of existence being this screenie right here.

Garwulf, Night Elf Hunter


The second screenshot I’d ever taken. No real significance to it, but it seemed like a good photo op at the time. Definitely a familiar scene for many.

Flying over Darkshore


What Night Elf doesn’t remember their first trip to Stormwind..? This may not have been my first trip, but it was close…

Flying into Stormwind


Anyone remember the cooking quest..?


The Great Chasm

Still relatively fresh off my taming of Broken Tooth, I was feeling pretty accomplished at this point. Such a noob…

The Chasm in Tanaris

Stranglethorn Vale

Upon seeing Booty Bay for the first time, that was by far my favorite vacation spot in the game. It wasn’t until months after this screenshot that I discovered there was a giant on that island in need of an ass-kicking. Anyone do that quest anymore?

Stranglethorn Vale

Theramore Shark

I remember these things scaring the hell out of me when I was trying to fish. I’d always vowed to come back and teach one of them a lesson.

Theramore Shark

Blasted Lands

What a strange and incredible place, and what a huge dragon… Ooh, he’s elite… I bet he has some decent loots. Let’s check it out…

Blasted Lands


Blasted Lands

Burning Steppes

Volchan, the molten giant who you’d think would drop a nice rare item, but instead only has crappy greens.


Full Circle

After months and months of warfare, the prodigal son has returned to his roots… Garwulf at level 60, feeling pretty godly in his rare PvP set.


I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me. I’m sure many of you can relate to some of these screenshots. 🙂

One thing that saddens me… No matter how cool Cataclysm is… with its new playable races, graphics engine, dungeons, ranked BG goodness, guild leveling, archaeology, masteries, and other Catclysmicky awesomeness… WoW will never be as enjoyable as it was back then. Back in the ol’ days.

I miss those days.

I’m looking forward to Cataclysm and I have no doubt it will be a blast. I just know that nothing they do to the existing game will ever make me feel the wonderment I experienced the first few months of playing. Those were the best months.

4 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. Vanilla consisted of battle hardened toons and the glory of battle, its still a blast now, but vanilla was the best…
    I look back through my screenshots from time to time, and flood myself with memories of when I was so noob. I am self taught also, though this last year, I have been researching more often… and this is probably one of my favorite hunter resource sites, even just to have something to read during maintenance, ty and keep up the awesome work!

  2. Lol, sorry I’m bringing up old posts, I’m still new to this site and so I’m doin a little digging.

    But I felt I needed to comment because I couldn’t help but lol at the Theramore Shark picture. I know exactly how you felt when you were scared in the water, because I had the same problem on the coast of Durotar haha.

  3. These are awesome, Gar. Thanks for sharing them. I agree with you. After playing for over 5 years I remember the “vanilla” days as some of the best.

    • You’re welcome Zubby! It’s kind of fun to look back at those old screenies.

      I still love the game and have no doubt that Cataclysm will be a real shot in the arm. It’s just that I highly doubt I’ll ever feel that same undying hunger to play (I think they call it addiction..?), as I felt the first year I started playing. Between getting used to the game world, learning to play the class, then knowing there was a ginormous world out there in need of exploring… it was pure euphoria.

      Plus, back then ignorance was bliss. Unlike today, we didn’t spend as much time out of the game researching as we do playing it. In fact, I was pretty much self-taught for my first year or two. The only things I ever researched were pet spawn locations. Simpler times.


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