7 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here”

  1. @ Munterino

    I believe he is. He likes being in Darnassus. Lots of water to frolic in and plenty of fish to eat. 😉

    @ lawman30

    Wishful thinking, but I agree, bear tanking abilities would be awesome with this guy.

    @ Mousie

    Nope, no special vocalizations. It would be pretty cool if they gave him a unique roar, but his looks are enough to make people want to seek him for taming. Not to mention, he’s a bear with Ferocity DPS. Die hard bear fans will be able to raid as BM with him and still put up decent numbers. 😀

  2. Oh yeah! I am sooooo stoked to go tame this bad boy when the patch drops. Did you find him north of Amberpine Lodge in about the same area that the others who have tamed him have reported seeing him?

    Pleeeease Blizz…..GIVE MAH BEAR TANK SKILLZ!!!!


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