Memorable WoW Moments: Winning the STV Fishing Extravaganza


The one and only time I ever participated in the STV Fishing Tourney, I took first place. I mean, I was definitely trying to win it, but I hadn’t been feeling great about my chances. My fishing skill was still 60 or 70 points behind max level (not sure if that matters, however) and I figured there would be an abundance of more seasoned anglers out there who would claim the prize before me, but nope…the Tastyfish were really bitin’ for me that day.

When I rushed back to Booty Bay to turn in my bounty, there were 2 players who showed up with their turn-ins only seconds after me. It was a close one, but I credit my win to proper preparation.

Speaking of which, I had thought for sure I’d mentioned this accomplishment on the blog but I just realized I had not. I had intended to write a short guide outlining the simple but useful tactics I used which helped me win the competition, but like so many other post ideas I’ve had, it never reached the WordPress editor window. It’s not a lengthy post, so I’ll put it on my list. 🙂

Getting my mitts on a Dread Pirate Ring was the reason for wanting to take a crack at the fishing derby, but winning the competition outright made it a memorable moment for me. 🙂


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