The Hunt Is On

The Hunt for Skoll

Since finding out about Skoll, the new wolf-model Spirit Beast being added in patch 3.2, I have made it a point to tame this guy. I’ve not been spending too much time camping him, but I have been been logging in to the PTR at various times throughout the day checking the two known spawn locations.

Mostly I’ve been parked at the location in the Foot Steppes which was the taming spot featured in the popular taming video. About every third or fourth time I log in, I’ll mount up and take a quick patrol through the Snowdrift Plains. I’m not spending too much time with it, since it’s not on the live realms, but I would like to see him first hand before 3.2 hits.

I really don’t need a second Spirit Beast, and I certainly don’t intend on ditching Loque in favor of Skoll, but I am intrigued by this new pet model. More than anything though, I just want to tame Skoll and play with him for a bit on the PTR. That way when patch 3.2 goes live I won’t have the urge to ditch one of my beloved pets in order to go after this new flavor of the month. Now granted he is a whole new model of Spirit Beast, and a wolf to boot, he’s still a Spirit Beast.

As it is now, I hardly ever take Loque’nahak out of the stable. These days I usually have either my Grimtotem Spirit Guide out if I’m raiding, and either my worm or Chimera the rest of the time when I’m specced BM. Sometimes I like to pull King Krush out just because he’s, well… he’s KING KRUSH! Plus he likes to come with me to battlegrounds now and then to chomp on some Hordies. 😉 It’s been nearly five months since I’d tamed him, and I still have yet to see another Hunter with him in-game. Now that’s a rare pet Imo!

I really only have one pet I’d even consider dumping in favor of Skoll, and that’d be my worm. Now granted I love my worm for PvP and I’d be a fool to abandon him, I have been known to make spontaneous and whimsical decisions based upon “fun factor”. We’ll just have to see how cool looking this Skoll really is…

Anyone else looking for him, or had any luck finding and/or taming him on the PTR? Has anyone found him at other spawn locations aside from the one in the Foot Steppes or the Snowdrift Planes?

More on this later, with hopefully some screenshots and a taming video to follow. Wish me luck. 😀

3 thoughts on “The Hunt Is On”

  1. hey i been reading up on this skoll beast looks so awesome and im farming it as i type this /sigh more rhino’s Lol anyways gl on finding him =] thats if u havent caught him yet <3 kamiah xox

  2. I agree. I see people raiding on there and what not. I can’t see myself ever wanting to do that, not while there’s so much to do on the live realms still. Thank goodness there are people that like to spend time playing on the PTR or else they’d be a lot more buggy when they go live.

  3. Nah, I did not even install the PTR this time. I will wait for 3.2 go *LIVE* and just get the updates via wowinsider/mmochampion. They do a good job and I waste less time. I say “waste” because PTR is time consuming and constantly changing things.

    If I start spending my gameplay hours on PTR too… well… not good 🙂


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