New T9 Hunter Set Bonuses

These are interesting buffs. I like them more than the previous bonuses, but I’m still not totally impressed. I wonder what the refresh rate is for the pet AP buff? If it’s anything like an IAotH proc, then this could be pretty nice.

I’m also assuming that the new boss encounters must be pretty pet friendly, because otherwise the 4pc bonus is totally useless.

Hunter T9 Armor Set Bonus Revisions

  • The damage done by your Serpent Sting ability can now be critical strikes.
  • Each time you hit with a ranged attack, you have a chance to grant your pet 600 attack power for 15 sec.

I’m happy they’ve at least gotten away from the pet focus buff, although I’d rather see the AP buff go to the Hunter instead of the pet. Maybe drop it to 400RAP or something.

Right now these bonuses look pretty Marksman friendly. MM Hunters will have higher Serpent Sting ticks than the other specs, plus the pet’s AP boost will get a little bump from Trueshot Aura.

BM will see some nice gains from these bonuses as well, but I have a feeling that the Serpent Sting crits will occur at a much higher rate than the pet AP buff.

6 thoughts on “New T9 Hunter Set Bonuses”

  1. Oh for the love of krap.

    Everywhere I have been around the web has told me a bunch of peoples opinions about this set but no clear info on where to get it.

    Will someone PLEASE tell me where to go to get these pieces! *begs on hands and knees*

  2. Wow this was an nice change from previous ones.
    Can’t wait to get my serpent dots to crit 😀 and what will that do to chimeras as mentioned above? *drool*

    600 AP buff for pets could be really nice if proccing together with furius howl and/or ofc together with Bestrial Wrath.

    Not much love for Survival thus far in 3.2 i might change my survival spec to BM and keep my MM.

  3. I only commented on the “old” T9 bonuses a few hours ago, but these new options are much better as a BM hunter.

    Not sure how good the 2pc bonus is compared to say T7 (+5% pet dmg!)

  4. Question: how will Serpent Sting crits work with Chimera Shot? Let’s wait and see. The 600AP bonus on pet is clearly intended for BM builds. It will be just “ok” for MM/SV too, yes… but BM builds will gain a very good DPS boost.


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