Battle Bots Are Live

Mountain Dew Battle Bot

For those of you that registered for the Mountain Dew Game Fuel website, you can now claim your Battle Bot pet. All you need to do is visit the Game Fuel site and click on the “claim your Battle Bot Pet” link, or something to that effect. I did it last night before I went to bed, so I can’t recall exactly what it said, but the link’s pretty visible.

After that, just log in to your account and you’re done. Next time you log into WoW check your mail and you’ll find a key in there which will teach you how to summon your Battle Bot pet.

Once you get your pet, you can then log in to the Mountain Dew Game Fuel site each day to claim fuel for your Battle Bot pet. You can refuel your pet each day with either Horde Red or Alliance Blue fuel. When Battle Bots with opposite color fuels encounter each other apparently they go nuts and try to destroy one another. I’m assuming they’re a little like the Clockwork Rocket Bot, but we’ll see tomorrow I suppose.

You’re only allowed to claim one item per login per day, so you can get your Battle Bot today but you can’t fuel it until 12 am tomorrow. I imagine it’s going to be bedlam in Dalaran this week once everyone get their Battle Bots fueled up and ready for battle.

If you’re into non-combat vanity pets, then you’re going to want this. If you haven’t registered for the pet yet, then just go to or just click the blue Mountain Dew banner that’s on this website. It only takes a few minutes to register and it doesn’t cost anything. After you’ve registered you can start earning these token thingies that you can then use as contest entries for all sorts of fun prizes. I’ve just been going all in for the Alienware Notebook, but there’s lots of other cool stuff you can win as well.

17 thoughts on “Battle Bots Are Live”

  1. guff,

    I’m not sure if you have to go to the Mtn Dew site first, but I was given the option for which fuel right after logging in to I did go to the game fuel site first, but I just clicked over to from the banner that was there.

    Fuel arrives in the mail just like the pet.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Christ Blaq! How did you find me on FB and where are you getting this other stuff? lol I only just joined there like last week.

    I’m guessing you are well versed in the intarwebs. 😉

  3. Didn’t see anyone nearby with an opposing fuel. I did witness a brief encounter in Dalaran, but it was a lot of lightning type discharges. I didn’t really see much. It looked like one of the robots got bigger for some reason.

    Rise Rocks, btw. 😉

  4. How’s the battle-bot mortal combat though? Edge-of-your-seat-excitement? 😉

    I haven’t given mine a go yet.

    They should have some special nitro fuel that you could randomly win which would cause it to go on a rampage, destroying all battle-bots in a 100yd. radius regardless of fuel color.

  5. I find this pet to be pretty underwhelming as far as the game fuel goes. Once a day you can make a request from the Mountain Dew website to get a stack of (5) fuels in your mail. This fuel is then applied to your bot, filling it up. He loses this if you dismiss him at any time, i.e. zoning or logging off.

  6. Removed as in removed from the game or removed as in the ability to get them? if you can keep them will grab one tonight.

  7. EU pets will be removed tomorrow morning via hotfix as they were mostly “exploited”. MMO-Champion editors should be instantly fired…


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