Challenger it is

Well, Matt and I didn’t make our goal of 1800 tonight. BM Hunter and MS Warrior isn’t the best class composition for 2v2, but we seem to make it work pretty well. After all, there are only 2 teams in the US over 2k with this makeup. Matt’s a real good player and strategist (and I try my little heart out), but in the end it boils down to there being way too many other equally good teams with a better balance. A little luck goes a long way too. Some nights you don’t get the juicy crits that would normally finish off a player and turn the tide. Or maybe you’re the victim of 2 consecutive well timed mace stuns bro. I don’t even want to get started on that.

It’s definitely not an easy team to play, but the games can be pretty fun and are very short. The matches are typically won or lost within the first 30 seconds of combat. I like that. I queued with a Resto Druid for a few weeks and we had some marathon matches. There was one encounter in the Ruins of Lordaeron with a Shaman/Warrior team that lasted 47 minutes. Screw that.

Three out of the past four nights we made it to the 1740-1770 range, but just couldn’t elevate from there. We could have quit at 1743 tonight, but we felt it wasn’t high enough to make the Rival cut so why bother. It’s do or die time! Oh well, I guess that’s a decent accomplishment for us. It’s probably the equivalent of 2100 for Rogue/Mage or Warrior/Druid – two of the easy-mode teams in 2s.

I really hope that by level 80, Blizzard will have fixed Hunters for arena. We destroy everything in battlegrounds, but in arena we’re seriously gimped compared to other classes. It’s a drag that in order to be really competitive you need to team with a Druid or maybe a Priest. 82 of the top 100 Hunter 2v2 teams in the US are Hunter/Druid and 14 are Hunter/Priest. Many of the other classes, such as Rogue, work with just about anyone. I guess it’s alright if you have a good Druid or Priest to play with, but sadly I don’t. I prefer to queue with skilled players and try to make it work, as opposed to grabbing some stranger who helps round out a cookie cutter team.

Even though we won’t get cool titles to display in front of our names, I may at least still be able to get my s3 bow before WotLK. The final few weeks of arena should be pretty interesting with the new talent trees.

Patch day tomorrow!!! I can’t wait! Now to go read up some more on pet skills and talent builds..

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