Ghost Wolf Running Animation Has Been Fixed!!!

That’s wonderful news for the fortunate Hunters who managed to tame this incredibly rare pet before the hotfix. I was skimming over Mania’s post from today which contains a summary of hunter changes and highlights from patch 3.1, when I saw this…

I also know that there’s been a host of animation changes (ghost wolves can run now!).

I had my wolf out about ten days ago on the PTR and it was still bugged at that time. I don’t know if this is something in the official notes or not, but I can verify that it has been fixed. I logged on to the PTR and filmed a quick video of me frolicking about the Argent Stand in Zul’Drak.

This is pleasantly surprising news for me, because I had asked a GM about it at one point, and he said there were no plans whatsoever to fix it since it was never intended to be tamable.

Grimtotem Spirit Guide Owners Rejoice!!!

2 thoughts on “Ghost Wolf Running Animation Has Been Fixed!!!”

  1. He is pretty damn cool, especially when under Bestial Wrath.

    Taming him was definitely a fun adventure. I had a Shaman in our guild help me. It took probably 2 hours before I got a successful tame. I got him about two days prior to the hotfix, so I’d say I was pretty lucky.

  2. Now that I just use wolves (they will be even better after patch 3.1) I wish I could have that amazing spirit-like wolf 🙂


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