And You Thought Camping Loque’nahak Was Rough…

Hunter party at the Gondria spawn location

As indicated by this screenshot I took earlier today, I think news of this Gondria creature has spread across the internets. Just a hunch. I suppose they could all be after Icepaw Bears… you never know. /shrug

After reading about this new rare exotic Spirit Beast who’s lurking on the PTR over in Zul’Drak, I had to copy over. I’d been meaning to do some poking around on the Patch 3.1 PTR, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Reading about a new rare exotic Spirit Beast was all the motivation I needed to get on there today.

I figure if I can tame Gondria before the patch goes live, it will supress my urges later on. I plan on keeping Loque’nahak, but the thrill of seeking out and taming yet another rare exotic Spirit Beast is so compelling. I’m liable to find myself in a compromised state one evening, have a lapse in judgement, and abandon one of my current pets to go after this new beauty. However, if I can tame Gondria in the “not for reals” World of Warcraft, I feel as if I could exorcise those urges.

On a side note, while hovering around the area hoping for a Spirit Beast sighting, I sicked my ape on some of those golems. I specced him pretty tankaliciously with 2/2 Silverback and 2/2 Wild Hunt. With no heals, he was destroying those 77 Elites and sitting at full health when finished. The new pet talents are incredible.

More later.

11 thoughts on “And You Thought Camping Loque’nahak Was Rough…”

  1. omg i went looking for gondria and found him instantly but screwed it up training him. i had my other pet and tried to use call stabled pet. i didnt change the icons around so ended up still having the pet i’m keeping out. so i dismissed it thinking i could tame it. nope, it said i had too many pets. so i ended up dying by gondria. when i came back a bloody horde hunter was trying to get him too. alas, i failed to get him for myself. i was so mad. i have sat here all day and night looking and no luck. depressing.

  2. To the people who wonder if he roars like loq no he does not its totally new and by far i think the best in-game

  3. It took me six days and a number of hours to grab Loque, seems this will be the same, don’t know the spawn times currently. This will be a challenge for sure.

  4. Just got mine, there was no one there, lol. Well, didn’t just get it, got it about 2 hours ago, but yeah. it was exciting having everyone ask where i got my pet.

  5. Same with me. There were always 5-10 Alliance Hunters in the Basin while I was there, not to mention the Horde Hunters. At any given spawn point it seemed like 20 seconds wouldn’t go by without someone coming around.

    This pet is going to be very difficult to get now on the PTR. There will be dozens upon dozens of Hunters logged out at that location checking periodically.

    Just as with Loque though, it just takes some luck.

  6. That screenshots reminds me of Loque’s camping days. When I got him, there were like 10 hunters running around Sholazar. I was lucky enough to get Loque spawn under my feet, making the taming process a breeze (I needed more or less 2 days to find him).


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